What are some of the best farming places?

It depends what your looking for…is what your gonna say.
I can read minds :wink:

I’m speaking about, to help you get started. So far I’ve been using Melee Krieg, so I didn’t have to hunt down a whole alot or save alot of missions after I finished UVHM. The DLC also pretty much handed me the weapons I needed in their side quests.

The gear I got isn’t strong enough to handle against Raid Bosses though, I’m only really able to beat Pyro Pete but that’s only thanks to my Blood Splosion not really my gear.

Should I keep farming off of Pyro Pete to get good stuff of him? (Get more crytals, sometimes a legendary drops off him.) I got a Legendary Sickle but it’s only level 70 (I wouldn’t mind trying the Legendary Torch though.) What spots are good on farming tubbies? Also what other weapons would be useful to have on stand by (Not just for Krieg but for other characters of mine I wish to share with.) I do have alot of Level 72 Legendary class mods in my bank for my Future characters lol.

I just wanna at least beat each of the raid bosses once in UVHM before I move onto OP levels.

The search function is your friend!

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Imo, The Beatdown has been very generous for me, I once got an Avenger in one of the chests.

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Good places to farm Tubbies are Arid Nexus=Tubby Skags and The Dust=Tubby SpiderAnts. You can also farm the DPUH from Savage Lee in Three Horns.

Digistruct Peak is not bad. Lots of Erridium. Oh farming those slot machines for Erridium is my passion. Love it. Three marcus will get you a purple weapon. Farming for points is best in Digistruct Peak. Tantiff gives giving you missions till you reach 50 if you let her. Her lies made me a 50,

Hi, how often do three Marcos come up?

Extremely extremely rare.


In other words I’d have an easier time getting to Pope to attend my Bar Mitzvah?

No, but close.

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