What are some of the best guns as of now?

So I took a bit of a break from the game and haven’t played in about a month or two and noticed a LOT of changes.

I use a Nisha character and used to use thorny ol’ rosie, Torrent, dual weild pistols, shreddifier, dual weild vladof pistols, and the bongenella (usually just for killing bandits). Are there any weapons for Nisha that are considered popular in the community or are better than the ones I listed? Thank you to anyone who helps. :smile:

The Luck Cannon pistol. There are others but they all pale in comparison.

Definitely the Jakobs Luck Cannon from the newest DLC!

don’t ask me about its speciality, i don’t main a Nisha. but i read the Nisha Luck Cannon talk here all the time… :smile:

Check out the Top Gear threads you, thats what they are for.
Also, I’m a huge fan of the party popper, its probably not on of the “best” weapons, but it is a blast to use.

For reference, here is the Nisha Top Gear thread.

I don’t exactly see why the luck cannon is considered good on her. I see that it has INSANE damage and that you can increase the magazine size to 4 but other than that it doesn’t seem good since you fire 1 gun at a time (because jakobs with dual wield). It seems rather slow for a Nisha, but I’ll give it a try.

its all about the Lucky shots, i think. they trigger from time to time (there is a pattern behind it) and add 400% explosive damage.

I quite enjoy the glitched Casual Ravager especially with the trickshot and tombstone skills. Pair that with a blue rarity lucky crapshooter mod that gives you bonus points and you will wreck most enemies.

edit: added pics

I have become a real fan of the flayer

Absolute Zero

Best laser in the game and superb on a Laser Wilhelm.

The Hoolodome goes sooooo much easier with it

Kills by itself…but if you have REALLY hard enemies…Freeze with it and chuck some Laser

Best chucker against a Frozen Target in the game.

Hold on, if the lucky cannon is a legendary pistol from the DLC, does that mean I can get it from the grinder?


Re Luck Cannon on Nisha – try it. You’ve got two pistols with four rounds each that hits harder than most purple sniper rifles. You can spam the heck out of them at close range or in Showdown. With all kill skills active it’s just ridiculous. Everything is easy mode.

the luck cannon on nisha would be OP by bl2 scaling, even using a tps scaled gun. in tps, it can instant-kill anything smaller than the sentinel. it can also instant kill the sentinel.

Yeah, no ammo issue, much higher damage than the IVF, Holodome BA Round has become so easy now.

About the top gear thread: It’s in the middle of a MAJOR overhaul. I invite you to have a look at it …later this week.

And for the record. Squash any doubts you might have about the Luck Canon: it’s not only good. It’s ridiculously, stupidly, mind-blowingly powerful on Nisha,

I really like the Thunderfire on my elemental Athena. One laser that is both shock and fire? Yes please.

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I’ve actually heard that as far as stack-building goes, the Thunder fire isn’t really a good weapon. However, I seem to remember a skill that gave a bonus for both burning and electrocuting someone at the same time, so it could be an easy way to proc that. Honestly, my main concern is that combining Shock and Fire damage seems to go against the intent of the CS tree. After all, one weapon inflicting both means you’re less likely to make use of Storm Weaving.

In theory you would be able to net 40 stacks if Overload chains with both Burn and Electrocute DoT on the target. I haven’t really experimented with Thunderfire and Overload enough to draw a conclusion but I think you could generate a moderate amount of stacks mobbing with this setup. But I don’t see much past 250-300 stacks because Thunderfire has severe limitations when it comes to its fire rate. It would be more dependent on Overload chaining. It’s enough to be effective but you aren’t going to see much over 300 especially if Storm Weaving isn’t involved. It would be easy enough to swap to another Shock or Incendiary weapon if you wanted Storm Weaving’s benefits.

I hate switching weapons all the time so I mostly ignore Storm Weaving (considering it four points wasted to move further down the tree), so the Thunderfire suits my playstyle. Note that switching weapons constantly breaks the Maliwan continuous firing bonus anyways (which the Thunderfire has).

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the luck cannon is the best gun. ever. period. to put its dps into context, it has very slightly more damage the norfleet. remember how bl2 had much higher scaling than tps?

the laser disker is basically a rocket launcher using laser ammo, and it has massive tediore toss damage.

if you like vladof pistols than you can go wrong with the proletatian revolution.

the absolute zero is pretty cool, massive damage.

if you like coach guns you should get a flayer.

glitch guns are cool, as long as you get the right glitch code

other than these, just stick with what you like.