What are some of the least played characters?

I enjoy picking characters that are the least played ever. That’s so whenever I jump into a game, I never have to worry about my character being picked! I will sometimes pick some of the most picked guys in case that one rare time someone else picks one of the least played guys D:

I don’t see much of El Dragón or Whiskey Foxtrot, and I almost never see anyone playing Attikus.

This isn’t in any particular order, but:

El Dragon
Whiskey Foxtrot

Just going through the list those stand out as people I don’t see often.

Reyna, El Dragon, Whiskey Foxtrot, Mellka, Attikus

Keep in mind that’s strictly PvP, I’ve seen all characters being used in PvE very frequently.

Agree on those except Reyna and Melka i see a lot of those, specially Melka on Capture. And this also depends on the maps, i don’t see much El Dragon but if i play Coldsnap i see people use him quite a bit.
If i had to make a list of heroes I haven’t seen much i would say, Toby, Isic, Whiskey and Ambra.

How do you not see a lot of Toby? He’s so good. I see him cuz I play him :stuck_out_tongue:
Atty’s pretty rare. I’ve been seeing an increasing number of Reyna, unfortunately. I’ve been seeing a few whiskeys, but not much. I’ve seen two gali’s since nerf. A surprising number of ambra.
I never really see Kelvin or Benedict though.

In Coop, I pretty much never see Attikus, Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin, or El Dragon. Since I started doing Advanced queues, I also almost never see Rath or Reyna.

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Agree with all of these except Whiskey, he shows up occasionally. I’d replace him with ISIC or Kleese from my own results. Kelvin is probably the rarest choice I see, if he is in one of my games it’s me using him.

Attikus is probably the rarest to see in PvP, and usually when someone does pick him they don’t do that well. He seems to be a challenging character to pick up, many people expect him to be very tanky even at very early levels.

It would probably help Attikus players if they checked his helix out before a match and realized he doesn’t start to shine until lower levels. You can’t go full ham early game! Patience!

Some other rarer picks I’d say are Boldur and Kelvin.

There seems to be a pattern here…

I didn’t even remembered him, i do see him pop up once in a while in an Incursion match but that’s it. Deande is another that i don’t see much outside of Capture mode.

This depends on the game mode IMO, with the exception of Attikus; i definitely agree that he is the rarest to see, on account of his… limitations. For Incursion, i rarely see Kelvin, Boldur (i see him a LOT on capture), or Shayne & Aurox. On Meltdown, it’s pretty much any support but Alani and her damned CC AOE. On capture, i rarely see Marquis, Toby, or Thorn, as there isn’t really any safe place for them to quickly run to, or hold down (at least on Outback).



El Dragon, Toby, Deande, Shane & Aurox, Attikus, and Kelvin. From games I Have played in Incursion

I’ve almost mastered Whiskey Foxtrot. I’ll be one of the 0.1% soon! :smiley:

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Talk to me when you master Attikus… :wink:

CHALLENGE. ACCEPTED! It shall be done. After Mel.

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Boldur is the character I’ve seen least. 70+ games played as Thorn and I’ve only got 3/5 for her lore challenge.

Attikus, Whiskey, Toby & Kelvin are also pretty rare. I’ll never play Attikus…

My personal three least played are…
3. Montana. (Benedict almost got this spot) I just don’t really like how he handles. I can play him really well, but he just feels slow and lumbering and I prefer quick characters
2. Foxtrot. I dig him and he can be fun, but he’s got a few gameplay issues I’ve run into that just make him somewhat unplayable at this point.

  1. Marquis. His shots are slow (even after the +25% helix), he’s got a personality that drives me crazy, and I just can’t get used to his playstyle. I do not like sniping.

Doing that today lol

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Just two ranks away from mastering Attikus. His lore challenges aren’t too bad. The only one that might cause problems is the win on Echelon, since it very rarely gets voted for.

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