What are some of the worst games you've played?

I played yesterday and I ended up getting 4k, 2d and like 80k damage on a 10 min game. It wasn’t great because the other 4 contributed deaths totaling 50+. Oh and when a person does more damage than the 4 other players total combined people should stop playing. I don’t have a pic because it takes slightly more work with a console. Anyone else have a horrible experience with noobs they’d like to share?

Don’t get me wrong, I love noobs. I love to crush their face into the ground while exerting no effort. It just sucks when your turn comes around to have them on your team!

I got so many games like this, I basically lost count.

Worst i had was one guy didnt get to pick Alani, so he spent the entire match waiting in the spawn spamming surrender.
We still won as the other 4 of us where a group (OP team work FTW).

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How about when you lead your team in damage dealt playing with REYNA…it don’t matter how good you are with her you shouldn’t lead the team in damage I have a couple of times n I spent most of the game just tryin to use overshield to keep my team alive(it didn’t work) the worst one though was a game where I was playing Reyna and had a premade team of 4 with me so I figured they would do pretty good I was so wrong…i ended up leading our team in EVERYTHING kills tied for assists with 1 damage dealt health given everything lol the problem was I only had 5 kills I’m pretty sure they were trolling me there’s no way anybody is that bad at this game lol the other team wasn’t exactly great but when I got my team feeding them it doesn’t work

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Worst game I had was a 3v5 (eventual 2v5) started the match with 2 people afc and then the Miko we had left after 1 minute after this. So it was just me as Caldarius and my wife as Orendi. I think we ended with only 3 or 4 kills and just got pushed and defeated in 8 minutes

When you queue advanced story public. Get a game with 4 other people who all pick sabotage.

And get mission failed on the first defense objective >.>

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I don’t mind playing with noobs. Everyone deserves a chance then again when you’re the only rank 90+, 1 rank 50, 1 rank 60 and the rest are below rank 10 going against a 5 man premade of 4 rank 100s and 1 rank 90 it really goes to hell really quick.

The most annoying part is, you know you’re going against my team with your premade ■■■■■■■■. you can see our ranks and you want to TAUNT us? well guess an easy win deserves a huge pat in the back. ■■■■■■■ kids

I’ve posted on a few topics and if you haven’t figured it out yet I main OM and I love him. If anyone needs a good OM on Xbone let me know (Holy Duckman13)

There are many.

In Incursion yesterday, I picked El Dragon first. My team proceeds to pick Rath, Attikus, Kelvin, and ISIC, while they have a Marquis, Orendi, Thorn, Mellka and Phoebe. I knew it was going to be hard because I have 4 melees, 3 tanks, and 4 late game characters. I start off playing how I usually would, kill 1-2 enemies and then realize my entire team had died 3 times already. The enemies proceed to stomp us with less than 8 minutes into the math on Echelon

PVE>Had a group of five last night. We get to the big fight at the beginning of Voids Edge. Suddenly, guy comes on his mike and says “hey we were just here for the lore challenge. We are going to drop now” and three of them disappear. Me and a WF stood there surrounded by Ronins. Total D1CK move.

Long story short, we fought our way through and finished the mission but we were pretty torqued about the whole thing. Shout out to Feldorkane. If you are out there great job guy and thanks.

I love these topics. Everyone enjoying the long wait times? I sure am not. Posts like this, caustic, counterproductive are exactly what drive new players away from games like this. Hey great you are a high level and can crush people just coming into the game. You should absolutely brag about that.

I just started this week and I was concerned my first couple matches when I saw these lvl 100’s. I quickly realized it means nothing. As a new player (cmd lv 18 now I think) I have very few issues taking out these higher level players (with a few exceptions I must admit, there are some good players around) and leading my team.

All moot however, you guys keep on discouraging the new blood to come and play so we can watch yet another fun shooter whither and die on the vine because over leveled noobs have nothing better to do than try to insult new players.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying; Do not play to the best of your ability, but have some class about it. New players expect a challenge and to earn their way to stardom, but this classless type of crap is absolutely counter to making a fun or good community. Obviously I am speaking to PvP here.

Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.

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Yeah I agree fully.

I tend to try and go easy on lower levels, and I found out that the new re-match system got a sad sideeffect : sometimes the matchmaking finds an opponent team while I’m still in the menus, and I “miss” the display of the CR of the players. Once, I played “normally”, crushing my foes and stuff, only to find out after the fact they were all below 10. I really felt super bad about it…

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What console? As far as screenshots go, The new ones have made it incredibly simple.

PvE: The Algorithm
I’m playing as Caldarius alongside a set of randoms (Oscar, Orendi, Shyane and Thorn). The former two leave before it starts and the latter two leave one by one before Minion spawns…
I didn’t even pick the damn stage, I’d much rather play the Sentinel (much easier to reach Helix 10 there)

PvE: The Algorithm
I’m Benedict playing with randoms (Deande and Kleese) Kleese leaves before the first Ronin Bot spawns while Deande (who had a full set of Legendary gear, I always use Common) dies twice then quits while fighting the Galactic Emperor… Cravens…

PvE: The Sentinel
I’m playing as Oscar Mike (my main) alongside more randoms (Orendi, Alani, Reyna I think, and Shyane) the beginning part turns to absolute war against near ceaseless Thrall spawns, to make matters worse I have a friend sending me messages and invites telling me to join him. After clearing the waves (with only Alani and Orendi staying as the other two left like Cravens) I tell him I’m playing (which he knows) just to tell me to leave anyway. I tell him that even if I’m playing with others I don’t know, unless our progress is blocked by bugs or my family and/or friends urgently need me in real life I. Don’t. Leave. Comrades. Hanging. He says “K U tell me when ur done” (I loathe grammar like that), so I get back to the game.

Near the end while fighting the old Sentinel (really easy with Oscar’s Orbital strike), he sends an invite again, then again a moment later. Then I get a smidge angry (he couldn’t wait until I said I was ready?), so after the results screen I was actually about to tell him I was ready until I get 5 more invites in less than 10 seconds along with the message “Join Me” (no “please join me” or anything with a smidge of tact or respect) then 6 more invites.

I lose my patience, after getting the message “join in 2 min” I decide to delete both the text chat AND him from my friends list.

The next day some Skag Lick sends me a message about “Unresponsive” and “Killing yourself” (probably connected to the person I deleted) but I deleted that too without a second thought.

I know the last one wasn’t directly involved with the game itself but it did make fighting the Thrall in the beginning all the more irritating (The Brute’s grenade strikes didn’t help, it’s still a shock that I never died).

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Quick question are you sure you were on voids edge I have cheese that place plenty and never seen anything but Jennerit and Varelsi. Never seen a Ronin on anything but algorithm and experiment if memory serves correct.

Yep, you are right it was Algo. I’m mental.

One game as Kleese, I had an enemy Marquis stalking me. I’d be in the supply stationary area, he’d be on the perch pretty update, and if I tried to move out I was instantly shot. No one else’s attacked him because he didn’t shoot anybody except me. He only got kills on me and three minions. I have yet to recover. I no longer play Kleese.

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Cmd level 15, havent played in ages, get into 6 games total befpre thinking screw this. 1st game all good fairly well matched, win by 20 points. Next five games i get put with people around my level and go against 4 level 100s. They werent anything special but they had a raging hard-on for me and my friend. Please fix this idc if they are in a group make the command levels of each team equal or something i hate when matchmaking has 0 logic to it.

Command rank is barely relevant, really. It only means they played more, not that they are better :wink:

The only thing that this shows is that they MAY have more mutations on more characters than you do, maybe more gear to choose from. But I once played with 4xCR100 who all were in the same team ( making me the outsider ) and they were absolutely terrible. Full (loosing) teamdeatmatch on one of the meltdown lane with no regard to the minions or the other lane.
Got farmed by the camping tobby because well Kelvin can’t do sh!t alone against that :stuck_out_tongue:

edit : typo ><