What are some of your Battleborn inside jokes?

Just like the title says, what are some inside jokes/memes you and your friends make while playing Battleborn?

Here’s few from my groups:

“Boldur will enjoy this”
“1v1 me in Roblox”
“I’ve got so much sustain with Rath’s lifesteal”
“Dank 1080 noscopes”

When I play alone I let a Pendles get me to low health and then crit him to death. Does that count? (I just found peeps to play with)

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Me and my friends are always saying “#BuffDeande” at the end of most of our sentences regarding unrelated things, or we’ll just say stuff like “If you look in my closet you’ll find Deande’s Buff”.

“Oh sh!t our sentry lost a few points of health in the first few minutes. Better surrender.” - all of us making fun of how quickly people surrender

“Nemosis the entire enemy team is after you! Use your gravity defying thighs!” - only works when I’m playing Deande (which is alway).

“Oh sh!t this guy is rocking the season pass holder title. Watch out for him guys, be ready to surrender.” - my team always rocks season pass holder title for comedic effect. Except Garrus. get with the program dammit. Anyway we like to joke about how it’s such a hard to get an amazing title when its really not.

“Guys pick echelon!” - we don’t play echelon. I personally don’t mind the map, but some of use really hate that map. This line is often followed by a chorus of “no! Deliver us from echelon!” when the vote seems to go in echelons favour.

I could go on, but since I’m locked out of my computer and have to use my phone I don’t really want to.

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Some times my team makes jokes about how Deande was recently buffed. “she now has reveal!” I say. “it’s called opening your eyes.”


Also if 3 people are picking Paradise for example, I’ll yell “CONTROVERSY” and my friends and me will choose the opposite choice so it has to randomly choose between those options.

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I qoute Nova constantly.

Having a bad day: “This sucks. I’m really mad. This sucks so much.” (Technically Garblanthix Ur).

Getting ice cream: “We never have any fun. But this; this is WAY fun.”

Also, ISIC:

Someone threatening me at work (armed security): “Bring it on! I f**king dare you.”

Someone HIT me at work: “Haha… Just wait till i get my hands on you.” (Only used once, so far).

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“Yeah, Overgrowth! The perfectly balanced map that gets almost never played!”-you can probably guess what this one is for.

“PendlesLivesMatter”-whenever a Pendles on the opposite team tries to dive alone while attacking our full health tank. Happens way more than what I thought could be possible.

My personal favorite : “Hadoken!” -whenever I throw one of En fuego’s fireballs (not a lot admittedly)

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Not in battleborn, but recently in the outside world a co-worker was being bossy telling me what to do and I accidently responded with “Boldur is doing that thing you told him to do.”


When I’m about to stun somebody as Montana and want my team to focus them, the only viable callout is “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” (“FREE HUGS” is an acceptable alternative)

Playing Meltdown, intentionally getting to a clear lead and then surrendering just before we win on 490 points. Funny as hell to see peoples post game reactions.

Playing as Montana, before game starts, turning my sensitivity to max and just spinning around really really fast in place firing constantly. Also works mid-combat.

Nova quotes are fun, in her great emotionless voice. Heading to take a sentry and saying “Lighting this sh*t up in 3, 2, 1…”

And the last one? #hobosquad. Whole team takes the Hobo title, LLC Battleborn and blue skins only.

Edit: Forgot this one - mid combat just spray-and-praying and someone will always say “BOLDUR SMASHES ALL THE BUTTONS!”

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Is Hoho good?


Wouldn’t that make more sense if you were playing anyone other than LLC battleborn? Like Rogues?

Does an inside joke ever make sense?

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Point taken.

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I’ve done the same thing but the party leader switched to the hobo remover title


I hope you say those ISIC lines in a really cheery voice, too.

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We for a long time ran with “Rath is Pendles,” but it has gotten out of control now. You know the match is going awry when you hear a callout for “Kid Ultra is Pendles!”

Yep; EXACTLY like he says it. My partner is used to my “creative threats” (most of which i just rip from games, such as the ever popular “I’m gonna break you the f**k in half!” from Fallout 3’s “The Pit” DLC), but he said he honestly thought i was going to drag that guy into the nearby woods for kicking me in the gut, because of the offsetting cheerfulness in my tone. I’m usually very aggressive when i make my threats; and since i’m a very large, intimidating looking individual, they usually work. The ISIC one sadly didn’t…


Me and my buddies always say “pleased to be meeting boldur!” Whenever we see one in game.

Another that we have is Alani’s line, “spaLOOOSH”. Someone took it out of context perfectly and I just died laughing. So it became a thing

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Whenever I kill a pesky Eldrid battleborn I always love to say, “your a** be grass” in a pirate voice

Also I made a short song about caldarius and his side dashes which I sing to myself

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