What are some of your Battleborn inside jokes?

We have a friend who doesn’t play very often and can’t remember the names of most the characters in the cast.

When he was trying to explain who we needed to focus he got flustered thinking of the name and yelled out “The Little Man!” - It was Orendi.

Now we always call Orendi the little man.

Pretty much anytime anyone gets blinded we quote Deande on the Renegade - “It MUST be Caldarius”

I’m sure there are others.


One of my more inexperienced friends (upon being geysered by Alani) recently hit us with “GODDAMN FRICKING FISH HIPPIE!”


Every time I interrupt an Ult I say, “None of that”.

There was one match I was playing Montana and this one Rath kept trying to kill my team’s support and I must have cancelled Dreadwind 10 times that match. Every single time I did I got a little more… enthusiastic. By the end of the game I was almost shouting at him when he used Dreadwind. “NONE OF THAT”.


*in a mic party with my old BB crew who are all now playing Overwatch or DBZ

Me: Guys, remember Battleborn? Play Battleborn with me!

Friends: No.

Me: Come on, there’s new stuff!

Friends: ■■■■! Mae is so cheap! Get her, Roadhog!

Me: openly weeps, continues BB solo queuing



For real though, I have to know the song. :smile:

Okay I’ve done it but I don’t know how to link it here. Just go to the caldarius section and you’ll probably find it

EDIT: wait I think I found out Short song about Caldarius

I mimic orendie whenever I get hit with flash

“My corneas!”

and whenever I play ambra I talk extreme pompous

Whenever Toby taunts me… or says something… or makes noises… or generally contributes in any way to his team… or my team…

“Put some friggin’ pants on Toby!”


I pretty much mimic Orendi.
Usually saying, “I can smell your spinal fluids”. For everything or speaking in her “normal” accent.
Anytime that I see someone that I do not like at all I say, “What the hell is Kleese doing here?”. -Yours truly…
“Oh no its Worthy of song”, etcetera. “Now I am going to proceed to crush you personally”

Me or my friend always shout “MON-TANAAAAAAAAAA” whenever we see him on our team. Reason? I feel bad saying this but, most (I’d say 50%) of Montanas we find aren’t too great at playing him, which I completely understand now (he’s not as tanky as he looks!), but it’s just stuck, even when we have a Montana carrying the team :joy:

Also we joke about damage Miko’s from time to time, as one time my friend decided to give out 0 healing, just to be an ****.

And of course, enemies surrendering after like 4 deaths. This wouldn’t be as bad if I didn’t always solo queue with teams that wont surrender even after:
-having a DC
-having an AFK
-pushed back into our spawn
-our last sentry having about 5 health
-a nuclear detonation
-aliens attacking
-the extinction of humanity
-losing the last star
(you get the point :joy:)

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Don’t take this wrong but I have trouble seeing you as a large intimidating person. You have Toby as your profile pic and you’re almost always “nice” in your posts that I’ve seen.

Intimidating doesn’t mean i’m an a**hole, haha. You should see me at work, when i break up a fight. I’m 6’5", and 250lbs, MOST of which is muscle. I do have a slight gut, because i like sweets and alcohol.

Plus, as i’ve posted in the “which Battleborn best fits your personality” thread, i share a personality that is very similar to Orendi: Hectic, unstable, funny… other things that i won’t name. Toby is my favorite Battleborn because he makes me laugh, and i am best with his kit. I DO share some of his personality traits, such as how furious he gets at being belittled or labeled; but he also annoys the hell out of me with his apologetic, self-deprecating mindset.

Plus, don’t forget about the mods…
-looks around nervously-
I’m on-topic! …sort of.


When you’re unsure what or how something killed you "Damn ninjas"
Ex when thrall started throwing one shot grenades

When I ult with ISIC after activating wards I say, “Robot Overlord!” While I slowly progress forward and shooting anything in sight

I like too guote Hylis.

“Screw THAT. Your going back to Tempest in a SHOEBOX!”

Can be used in a lot of moods / situations.

I spam that a lot, since my friends spamed Renegade with me and Hylis Voice Flips when he says “Shoebox”. Also we found out that if you Taunt directly before the Cutscene, Caldarius’ Line is Skipped, making it a weird Monologue for Hylis.


“dont think of ______; hi im from the ocean” everytime i want thomethig i say that … Stupid alani

Inside jokes?

Well, game performance on Echelon is just that, a joke. I’m glad that even ppl with OP specs despise it too, it helps a lot.

No quite inside the game, the 2K Support is kind of a joke. Last time I had some performance issues with Bb they finalized my ticek with my nationality speker, just boasting how Devs are informed and keep working on my issues and adding somethiing like “see, we care about Bb players”. Now the megaUpdate is out and none of the issues was corrected. Could had a big laugh if it wasn’t so tragic. If I’ll ever make a joke about any Publisher’s Support team I’ll compare them to 2K’s.

Had some matchmaking, after the CR hiding update, where I perfectly diagnosed few noobs.(no title). I said I’d play some PvE before PvP if I were them and that one can play with bots in Battleborn. One actually abandoned matchmaking. Had this talk few times so far, 90% effectiveness rate me convincing noobs to go play PvE right of the bat.

OK, here’s another one: the other day I was matchmaking, and got paired with a bunch of 18something CR’s. I voiced my doubt about winning 100s team while teamed with noobs - and they called me a p[censored]. Of course we’ve surrendered - they were the ones calling for surrender as soon as the first sentry fell. I said no.

Yesterday had 10man private matchmaking. We had all possible matchmaking issues including random disconnections and Steam freeze. Making 10 premade to actually have a match took us about 1 hour. I thought I’d had a game in about 15 minutes should I choose PuG matchmaking, so we (the leftovers of 10 man premade) did this and had two more matches during next 30 minutes.

Please stay on topic. This thread was definately not ment to elaborate which issues of the game one would call “a joke”.

For every point you made there are several far more related topics out there to post in - be it regarding Matchmaking-issues, CR100-issues, Premade issues, Surrender issues or Advertisement-issues.


I was going to post something funny but you just scared the scooby outta me.

Well, I actually treat those as [big surprize] an inside jokes: yes, in some twisted way 2K support, matchmaking with noobs, premades myths aso are funny. If funny content that only some arcane konowledge possessing community members would find funny is an inside joke then that above is just that.

BTW I personally see no difference in bringing funny matchmaking stories and “BuffingDeande” or raging against Paradise.