What are some of your favorite "Little Things"?

I love on the escort mission when Wolf asks you what are your plans after the mission he is totally gonna survive. Every character has a different response. Deande starts to cry and talks about a party and how they will be wearing matching hats. Mellka tries to change the subject and talk about robot heaven. Toby says he’s gonna be busy putting wolf back together. It’s great.


Oh my gosh, I loved this too, and I especially love that Alani has her own line already (I don’t have a clue why that surprised me but it did). It’s one of my goals on my next day off to go through that level with a bunch of different characters just to see what everybody says. Poor Wolfy.

Not sure if this is “little” or not, but I can’t help but smiling every time I see the camera go around showing off everyone’s picks and taunts at the start of a story mission.


I adore the sentries in Incursion. I’m not a huge fan of PvP, but just the little things they say as you pass them when everything is calm are wonderful. This mostly happens next to secondary sentry when you respawn or are collecting shards. I love it when I run past and he’s humming or just says hi.


Rath: I am going to miss you, you big dumb robot (or something like that). Was funny…but the best? Reyna

“That is the saddest question I’ve been asked today. And that’s after shayne asked me what is heat death”

Poor shayne

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Yeah there are some really funny parts with wolf, also when he is hacking the door, WF has some lines for it instead of Kleese. Another one I like is when the sentry in incursion says random things about the characters or during the renegade when Phobe is in the game. I assume there are so many great lines with specific characters.

Personally a lot of the character lines just wind up cracking me up. I play Orendi a lot and she manages to make me laugh at least once a level. Usually by bursting into song. ‘Hey Steve - PS YOUR NAME IS STEVE NOW’ also was gold. Also when she gets mad at the healer for healing her. It’s really cool that they have lines for so many different situations, every time I think I’ve heard everything someone can say they’ll pull out something new.

Yeah, all the character dialogue is definitely a great thing. I especially love that all the campaign dialogue has a chance at being different with every playthrough. So, you could play, let’s say The Renegade, several times and never have all the exact same dialogue from all the characters.

Almost all the lines in PvP. Especially Marquis and ISIC. Gosh, I can’t imagine playing another PvP shooter. It would feel so dull!

The banter between Phoebe and ISIC during The Algorithm when in the frozen room before the Galactic Emperor. It’s usually an exchange between ISIC, Kleese and Ghalt, but when you play Phoebe they have their own exchange. I love the unique dialogue in this game.

Again on The Algorithm, after you defeat ISIC he asks you not to kill him because he’s “really good at stuff”

When playing ISIC in PvE, after killing a boss he occasionally says “I was a better boss fight than you”

ISIC’s quotes after killing an enemy.

When Deande sees a foreign Battleborn and says "What on Earth is that!?"
Earth? Aren’t you a Jennerit, from Tempest?

When Deande kills a thrall, “Lay down your arms lowborn”

When Mellka sees enemy Ghalt, “Kill Ghalt. But do it nicely, he’s my friend”

When Thorn kills enemy Montana, "Tiny head, big disappointment"
When she sees him, "I see something stupid ahead. Oh, it’s Montana"
When he sees her, “WATCH OUT, SHE’S ANGRY!”

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My favorite little touch is the callouts characters have with each other. Some of my personal favorites being:

Montana to Rath:
“Guys, I just killed a freakin’ vampire!”
“It’s one of those Live Action Role Players!”
“Didn’t think this was a costume party!”

Orendi to Anybody:
“Guess who’s gonna regret saving my life? Spoilers, it’s Phoebe!”
“The fancy robot is mine!”

Marquis to Peasants:
“Lower class individuals, inbound!”
"Hobo shpotted!"
Hoodini coos “Jah, Jah, I see zem!”

All the character dialogue is gold, I hear a new character quote every few matches and almost all of them get a chuckle out of me.

Honorable mention goes to backing quotes.

“Fleeing like an Olympic track baby!”
“We are not retreating! We are…yes, we are retreating.”
“Back to the only home I haven’t turned into digital hellfire!”

Solid. Gold.


I think my favorite little thing is ISIC’s quick melee. Sometimes instead of the usual take that or grunt, he’ll just say “Fellah!”

I just know someone, somewhere, possibly the voice actor, thought “Gosh, they sure do say Fellah a lot in his game.”

Was unlucky to get killed by a sentry on incursion. It then proceeded to taunt me by flipping me off jack-in-a-box style.

But yeah, the escort missions have by far some of the funniest dialogue with wolf and sentry. Sentry is personal fav, with lines something like:

“My cousin Geoff gets to be a spider king, while I’m being kidnapped”

When you deliver data bots: “365,568 cookbooks. Suuuure, that will be useful”


Not really story related, or anything…

But I love it when about to start a match with random people, and we are all picking our characters and skins…

And then everyone changes to have the same skin on (eg, the blue one)…

None of us have mics (or are using them at least), so we all hit our taunts, as if to high five each other…

I don’t even care if we end up losing, because, got that team spirit and we don’t even know each other, haha.


Another thing I love is the voice dialogue in the lore for Toby and Orendi.

Ambra’s voicelines. Especially her laughters. Also her quotes that includes “my dear”. She pronounces those two words in such a way that… never mind. Actually, my very favourite little thing is Oscar Mikes’ purple tutu that I’ve seen in the games’ trailer.

Ghalt seeing enemy Ghalt: "Kill me! N-No, I mean the other me!"
OM seeing enemy OM: "Evil twin spotted!"
Rath killing Miko: “What the hell did I just kill?”

I like how we don’t have to click before the title screen starts to load your account. It was annoying in BL2 and BLTPS.

I also like that skills have very short cooldown time when you’re with Nova before the match starts.

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Phoebe’s “Run, run from the little girl hahaha!”

Incursion and the sentry giving you the crank up middle finger.

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Okay so a bit of an odd one,

On one of the missions, i think its sabotage, just before you enter the large factory complex, if you look up there is a smoke stack with smoke pouring out. I cannot get enough of this smoke stack, i just stare at it in a trance, my team are dying, i am the healer, and i am staring at some animated cartoon smoke :slight_smile:

When I read ISIC’s lore, he joins pro wrestling. Does an interview before his fight with El Dragon. When asked what ISIC’s strategy is he replies, “Oh, I’m going tear his f***king arms off!”

…and that’s why El Dragon has robotic arms.