What are some of your favorite "Little Things"?

Ghalt singing when he throws his chain. Mainly the line

“Step into my office”

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Boldur “Im the only one the Forrest talks to” in a deep voice “And the Forrest says -Hallo” with a happy tone :slight_smile:

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I like how Geoff and chronicle are cousins

I like the mortal kombat reference when he yells: “get over here” :smile:

I’ve heard one where in PvE the sentry was hitting on thorn. Hahaha so funny

That akward moment when boldur talks about melka’s hair…


I really wish we could have a good list of all the moments in PVE where we get contextual dialogue when certain characters are about. The most obvious bit is Wolf in the Void’s Edge where he asks the people what they will be doing after the mission is over, but it’s less obvious in other missions. In the Saboteur, there was a couple moments where Toby was asking Nova where to go to next, and being very polite, keeps saying “Where to Miss Nova?”

I think when the door is broken down in The Archive is another place where there seems to always be a character line, but again, it gets murky when characters like Ghast, Kleese, Deande and Mellka are on the team and they also serve as the mission NPCs too.

Lol isic has the best line

Playing through the Algorithm with Phoebe and El Dragon. You get some unique dialogue these 2. I’ll have to try it with Kleese later as well.

And her voice tone while saying that.

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