What are some songs that you can't listen to/have a hard time listening to?

For me two songs in particular are hard for me to listen to, because they take me back to a time when I was at my lowest. The two songs are Denzel Curry’s “Clout Cobain”, and Monteverdi’s “Lamento della Ninfa”. And as much as I love those songs it does kind of hurt to listen to them…

Oh and anything Cardi B releases is hard for me to listen to. But not because it makes sad though, it’s because I find her and her music to be absolutely unbearable.

“Come on Eileen” (Dexy’s Midnight Runners). It’s seriously ear-wormy. However, ever since I watched the original promo video (which I never saw until a year or two ago) I have been unable to listen to the song lyrics - the video changes the meaning of the song considerably.


“The Reason” by Hoobastank.

It makes me think of my late grandmother.

And “Arms of an Angel” because it makes me think of that sad animal abuse ad.

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Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Highway (the complete album).
Even though I don’t deal with loneliness as bad anymore as I used to, in part due to the friends I did make in the last 2 years, this album never stops hitting like a brick. It’s heavily implied that the protag of the story ends his own life at the end.

Anaal Nathrakh - A Metaphor for The Dead.
This lines up with how I have felt personally for a long time. In particular the chorus that was taken from an Italian play. To an extent the play itself can make me feel terrible too.

There are a few more, but those haven’t been affecting me like they used to.


The album ‘Hormonally Yours’ by Shakespears Sister and the song ‘I don’t like Mondays’ by the Boomtown Rats.

Last things I listened to before getting horrible news some years ago. Hearing either takes me back.

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There are some emotional answers here, so maybe to match the vibe I should say that Frank Sinatra always makes me think of my grandpa, which makes it tough to hear even though I love the stuff (most crooner and big band stuff has a similar effect). But truthfully, the 2 hardest songs for me to hear are Let It Go (because I worked at a preschool for children with autism during the height of its popularity and hearing it sung by a toddler usually meant I was about to get bit or otherwise abused by a student) and Baby Shark (which has the same context as well as the added horror of it’s current popularity. I heard a Christmas version last week that made me want to go to the Queens Center Mall and strangle their Santa).


I’m with you on Baby Shark.

(I like to pick on my mom with it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

And Let It Go as well. (The Idina Menzel version anyway. I personally prefer the Demi Lovato version.)

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Simple man, it’s my favorite song and i hear it all the time, but it gets to me everytime

The house that built me by Miranda Lambert. Mom’s favorite song and reminds me of the past where everything was better in terms of my family. Makes me weap, but i don’t hear it often

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Album: probably ‘American Pie’. I used to listen to that quite a bit at one point, until I realised just how thoroughly depressing pretty much every single song is; it is not a happy vibe overall. I’d much rather listen to Jerry Rafferty’s ‘City to City’. I still have the vinyl; might take it down to the local store that deals in the stuff.

Also, moving to the music category because music.


Mercyful Fate - Melissa. feel’s sad man :cry:

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