What are some Tier 2 skin ideas you have - "theoretical texture mods"

Ive read through the forums and have seen some great ideas for new skins but they all seem to need new geometry which from a modding standpoint would need a lot of extra work and access to the actual files and a way to compress them back to a readable format.

What are some thoughts on different tier 2 skins - tier 2 being only changes to the diffuse(color), normal(height), and spec(shininess).

I’ve seen awesome ideas for Kelvin being fully wooden and even the awesome Phoebe jellyfish may be able to be pulled off if alpha(transparency) can be modded.

Let me know what ideas you guys have.
As for the mod aspect of this, its all speculation and theory right now. I’m not trying to piss off the dream dev I want to work for hahaha.