What are some valuable traits on artifacts and mods I should be looking for?

I recently finished a playthrough with Moze, and am getting close to level 65. On Mayhem levels the loot drops like candy, and It’s overwhelming sometimes to know what I should keep.

Obviously it’s hard to just make blanket recommendations. But are there any general ones that might be good for all classes/builds (like cooledown reduction, for instance)?

Actionskill cooldown and damage are both good. Mag size is generally a good one. And Weapon Damage is a great bonus for any character. Otherwise I kind of depends on your build and play style. Look for bonus damage with they types of weapons and manufactures you use most often. I.e. pistol/shotgun/AR damage or Vladof/Hyperion/Malliwan damage.

Basically you want to try to get the most bang for your buck damage wise.

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Have you looked at the Top Gear for Moze thread? Useful advice – [Guide] Top Gear for Moze the Gunner


Agreed. Depends on ur build, but generally the perks I look for on COMs and artifacts are AS cooldown, mag size and wep dmg. AoE and elemental dmg also good.

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