What are talents?

I am confused when it comes to Battleborn characters talents being armor. What does this mean? Does this mean they have increased stats? Like faster run speed, but is that really a talent vs just a trait of that character? This seems confusing to me when some characters like ambra talent is scorching strike that seems like just her secondary (L2 button) attack or is the talent part that it does more damage each attack vs Benedict whose secondary (L2 button) ability is to glide but that’s listed as his passive skill and his armor is his talent. Yet without knowing characters base stats and how their armor is “improving them” how am i to judge if its a good improvement?

I feel like there are a lot of things not explained properly or i am just dumb :open_mouth:

The basic talent is usually a passive talent, means you don´t have to trigger it like a skill, its just a character-spec.

So yeah, basically the talent “armor” means your char has an increased shield/health compared to others.

Raths basic talent is his life-leech ability, which you can enhance through Helix-augments, but its there from the start.
Its the same for every other, they all have a talent that sums up their passive ability.
They are more a short description of your characters “deal” or “Mojo” :smiley:

Isn’t Wrath passive Genetic Syphon and his Talent Bladekeeper vestment? See i am confused not by a characters passive but by their talent. Some talents are armor, some talents like ambra’s are connected to their L2 button. Yet some passives on other characters are connected to their L2 button instead. This is confusing to me.

Also the armor talents say thing like increase agility to deande…what does that even mean? Also if your shield/health is higher or lower then other characters isnt that just how they were balanced? A random thrown on talent saying armor without much details to me just does not make sense.

I think talents are just there so there’s something that can modify the hero’s base stats.

Ahhhhhh now I´m confused too!!! :dizzy_face:

Sooo looked it up again^^ Yes, I was confused, his passive is Genetic Syphon, his talent describes his armor.
Orendis talent just states that she uses magic and reduces cooldowns. You aways use chaosmagic, its unavoidable, but you MAY choose to augmet her cooldowns.
Shaynes talent is her bumerang, which you may augment with Helix-augmenations or not.
Many talents are purely descriptive and others can/may be boosted/changed/augmented with the Helix-augmentation levels.

but some talents like benedicts special exosuit, i dont think it does anything special to him over other poeple

Ya but some are just there that have actual in game mechanics vs a mysterious armor buff that does not tell me anything. I feel like some characters got something extra that was cool and if a character did not have something (or maybe was already very strong) they just said ummmm…lets just put their talent down as armor.

Most “talents” are just descriptions of that character’s helix upgrades. Some characters require extra explaination and those have “real” talents.

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What about the talents that are not just descriptions though?

Those are usually special conditions on other abilities.

My question still stands as to why they are their? Was it to balance weaker characters? For just descriptions orendi’s says it lowers cool down, what implies a game mechanic. Sure it might just be describing some of her helix abilities but nobody has said that’s what it is and has no in game mechanic. It is not all common sense like Deande armor increasing agility, that means she runs faster? Is that what it really means? I don’t remember her helix having to do with any movement speed in it, so is it really a description of anything?

I mean every time i assume something about this game i get it wrong, their are a lot of mechanics i have never initially noticed myself and was not written in to a characters skill. So i feel like these things need to get addressed.

It seems (imo) as an extra space for characters with an extra mechanic. If a character doesn’t use it they just get descriptive text about their armor usually, which serves as a summery of what you can expect in their helix.

It’s used as a skill that allows talents to augment shields/health, from what I’ve seen.

Beatrix’s “Synthetic Ceramic Bio-Casing” talent specifically references resistance to toxins and physical trauma and her health bar is grey rather than Green. They also feel kinda squishy.

Does their talent have any gameplay effects?