What are the best weapon combos

Now I am reaching out with my Gunzerker I make great use of his money shot skill and his rampage tree I also have a bone of ancients and a legendary berserker and take pride in skill like 5 or 6 shots inconsivable filled to the brim and no kill like overkill so if I have all these skills what would be the best combo for them

Paging Dr. @DeputyChuck.
He’s one of the resident gunzerker experts.


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Don’t be so ungrateful.

Here are some I can think of, regardless of your skills.
Grog + Orphan maker, Money Shot mag size transfer exploit.
Durp + Pimp, damage transfer and Money Shot exploit.
Anything + Grog, healing and critical damage transfer exploit.
Any bullet type weapons + Lady Fist, critical damage transfer exploit.


Maybe you’re not understanding what MeatPopsicle was saying.

He tagged DeputyChuck, whom is extremely knowledgable in this sort of thing, to come to this thread and give you proper advice. .

So please try not to be so dismissive. He will be a lot of help.


Here are a couple of links that may help


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Just saw this, will answer in full once I’m on a proper keyboard :slight_smile:

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Alright! I’m home

So far so good

The Legendary Berserker is (IMO) a quite poor choice overall. It doesn’t do much in specific and the bonuses are a bit all over the place, resulting in no real advantage. In fact, its probably his weakest legendary COM (the slayer doesn’t count)

I don’t know the rest of your spec, so i’m going to guess (though you could help me by using this: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#000000000000000000000000000000000
Just fill it up and post the resulting URL here)

From experience, you’re better off starting with your gear, and choosing your skills accordingly, not the other way around.

If you like 5so6, Inconceivable and filled to the brim, you’d probably have more fun with a Legendary Hoarder than a Berserker.

Though this is a tough conundrum: the skills you mentioned kinda work in opposite directions: NKLO and Money shot love powerful slow weapons with a small mag, while 5so6 thrives on guns with a big mag that consume little ammo per shot. Also, 5so6, inconceivable and FttB will make your magazine size much bigger functionally (almost infinite if everything woks right) so you will not get a lot out of money shot…

Not saying that they are mutually exclusive, but you can see how skills that make you shoot longer are detrimental to a skill that activates when you’re done shooting.

I suggest that you first decide which playstyle you prefer and build around it, because if you plan on depending on Money shot, 5so6 will actually HINDER you.


So here is the one build I normally use cause 5or6 goes good with the butcher and having 10/5 in filled to the brim I can’t run out but when I do money shot counts the shots for me doing crazy amounts of damage and NKLO goes great with that cause I kill the person right next to them and I just keep going but my friends are going on a raid and they suggest I started playing a tank sal but idk I mean I always liked using sal like that but there needs to be a change cause I die too much

There are a lot of ways to play Sal, you just have to figure out which you like the most, but if you’re looking to IMPROVE, then you can’t be picky about altering what you’re doing :slight_smile:

It does sound nice, and its cool when it happens, but really, Money shot and 5so6 don’t mix…
I mean…you can keep both… but you can only RELY on one of the 2

With Sal, you can either always use a moxxi gun in your off-hand… or rely heavily on brawn. Since you seem to really like your present setup, I think the Moxxi route would be the easiest one. Just start using a Grog Nozzle, Rubi, slow hand or Kitten in your off-hand (slag is the best choice of elements here)

Though you probably should move a few points around still and re-evaluate your gear.

Look for a Legendary Hoarder or barring that, a Legendary Gunzerker at least. 5so6 is nice at 5/5, but at 10/5 it gets Stupidly good, as you reach 50% chance, making your magazine theoretically infinite. A purple or blue Hoarder or War Dog COM are also good choices, much better than a Berserker in any case.

Move the points away from I’m ready already: its benefit doesn’t stack with Get some, so there points are essentially wasted, especially if you are using a Bones

The points in FttB are redundant with 5so6 if you get it to 10/5. Just put a single point in there to get the COM bonus, with Butchers, you won’t ever see the end of that magazine.

If you’re using a Butcher, don’t spec into Steady as she goes, it will actually LOWER your accuracy

Move those points you saved in Hard to Kill and Incite, and put whatever you have left into Ain’t got time to bleed for a bit more help.

(Should look a bit like this now: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550050541015105005515155003000000 )

I don’t know what you’re using as a shield, but go for anything that increases your health (Rough Rider or any adaptive)

And you should really consider dropping NKLO: it requires at least 10 skill points to get to and is nearly useless against raid bosses. (Plus, you don’t get a lot out of it with a weapon like the Butcher anyway)
Those 10 points could get you far down the Brawn tree to give you that extra push you need to stay alive when things go south.

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Though, if you don’t intend to change anything about your build and are just looking for a suggestion for a pair of guns, then you can’t go wrong with a Grog Nozzle and a Harold.

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Ok so since our last chat I got a few new pieces of gear I got a incindary Stinger and Corrosive Stinger with vladof parts and I got a DPUH and hacked in a op8 grog nozzle got a Renegade class mod that boost I am your huckleberry fin and I got the sheriff badge along with heavy investment in gunzerking I wear a 94% Sham (hacked can only farm for so long) and a quasar with longbow and stick prefix oh yeah and here are my skills


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Chuck80 knows a lot more about how Sal works than I do, but just to offer my 2 cents: if you want to go with your build then a Hoarder/L. Hoarder might be the better com choice than the Renegade. If you want to chain Money Shot then this build with either a L. Gunzerker or CE Monk might be better:
Either way, good luck…


I think a Renegade COM is a good choice too (though I did recommend a Hoarder like you :slight_smile: ), but if he’s going the Harold route, it’s probably better than a Hoarder since the Harold consumes so much ammo that 5so6 becomes much less interesting. The Leg. Gunzerker is still the easiest choice here in any case.

I would still remove the points from I’m ready already though, they are literally wasted.
And keep a Health-based shield in your inventory for when you face foes that don,t have guns (where your sham is useless) I personally like the Evo or the Neo on Salvador.

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Well just in case I keep a neo and legendary horder in my backpack at all times cause if I’m going into a zone and my ammo is not enough I would put on a horder or neo if place goes through non-bullet places

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Necroing this thread instead of making a new one…

What’s the potential highest DPS combo if all crits?

Grog + DPUH or Grog + Lady Fist?





Assuming all Crits, Grog + Lady fist for sure.

Not only that, but presuming all Crits with a Harold is laughable to begin with given the thing’s accuracy.

The big advantage of the Harold is when you presume no Crits. It’s easy to use and very powerful.

But once Crits are involved, nothing beats Grog Lady fist outside shenanigans like the pimp glitch.

If you go that route, I suggest you get your Lady fist with a Torgue grip and a double or damage accessory to capitalize on the Crit bonus.


While I do agree with 5 Shots or 6 hampering Money Shot, I wouldn’t think the same of Filled to the Brim. It would actually a bit of a benefit since you’d need at least 10 rounds in the magazine.

Like, I’d want Filled to the Brim if I’m rocking a Ravager in one of my pairs’ main hand, simply to get to 10. Or, failing that, an Allegiance Relic that boosts the mag size of Torgue weapons.


Actually the bonus scales up to 12, not 10, despite what the card says :slight_smile: