What are the best weapons

I’m only a level 11 gunzerker but most of my guns are trash and level 7-8. I seem to be only finding pistols and nothing else.

Just use whatever you find until you get to UVHM

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what is a uvhm?

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So right now you’re in normal vault hunter mode(NVHM), after finishing NVHM you’ll be able to go into true vault hunter mode(TVHM), then beat that to unlock ultimate vault hunter mode(UVHM). stuff in UVHM always scales with your lvl, so farming gear makes a lot more sense then doing it in the lower modes

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When you first start a character, the maps are all locked to a specific level range. That in turn determines the levels of the enemies you face and the loot they drop.

Different weapons types also have different level restrictions, so you can’t get them all at level 3 or 4 (for example.). I think SMGs have a level requirement of 8 and RLs are around 10 or 11?

As you advance through the story, both the mission level and that of the new areas you go into will increase, and you’ll find higher level gear both dropping from loot sources and in the vending machines.

You may find this guide helpful to get better oriented to the game:

There’s a couple of tables in the last part that list the mission ranges for all main and side quests in both normal (starting) and true (second) vault hunter modes.

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