What are the default GameUserSettings.ini?

Unexpectedly, the game is botched making it constantly lag, due to the fact that most game reviewers were not allowed to review the game and software before its release. The same PC I have now plays Borderlands 2, Overwatch, GTA 5, Skyrim, etc with no problems, yet due to this lack of oversight, many users such as myself see well beyond average performance issues and tried manually changing settings.

I lowered a bunch of settings, I set advanced graphics settings in game to very low and lowered the basic resolution to 50% and tried both windowed and full screen and lowered the monitor size, went to the task manager and gave the game high priority, went to the PC settings and set the whole PC to performance mode, and finally went to the gameusersettings.ini and lowered things like texture and character detail.

The FPS did increase, technically, but there are still constant massive freezes or FPS drops, just periodically every second. In the moments where there is no freeze, the the game is smooth…for 0.5 to 0.75 seconds at a time. On the off chance that somehow making it easier for the computer process ended up being problematic for the game, I want to know the default .ini settings to see if reverting changes anything.

Anyone? Maybe so many people had issues with BD3 that everyone already tried that and no one has the original settings anymore.

Bump. Where is tech support at? I don’t see a ticket system. But really any user can copy and paste the text from their own file.

Just remove the file. The game will create a new one after launch. If that doesn’t help, temporarily move your save folder prior to launch

That restored the defaults, thank you.