What are the HWRM team working on right now?

Is there any chance we could get a post or tweet about what people are working on in the office right now? Even something like…

Hi guys! Thanks for the feedback you’ve been giving us(keep it coming)! just asked around the office and here’s an idea of what we’re working on right now for HMRW!
Adam, Ben and Colin are working on X
Dan, Ewan and Frank are working on Y
George,Hugh and Ian are working on Z
We’re hoping to release a patch to fix some of these issues SOONtm.

There seems to be a lot of rage from a vocal minority of the community and a bit of news like this would probably go a long way to mitigate some of that.

Also are you aware of http://www.reddit.com/r/homeworld/ ? (around 3500 subs)

I loved playing HW and HW2 back in the day and can’t wait to see how you guys are going to move forward with this project. Keep up the good work!