What are the Observers?

Recently, I was re-reading some lore challenges, and I found something that has 1) gone right over my head or 2) never been talked about. This thing is the Observers. Mellka is known as the Red Observer, and an ancestor of Thorn is known as the Green Observer. Also, you get the title Observer when you win 100 games as an Eldrid Battleborn. Since they are all Eldrid, I assume that the Observers have something to do with the Eldrid. If anyone knows anything else, I would like to hear it.

Not certain, but from what I’ve gathered they are high ranking members of the Eldrid order which range from political leaders to spies. I’m not certain of much more than that. It would seem Mellka has sent plenty of reports back to the Eldrid about her fellow Battleborn (which take the form of lore) so I assume she’s a type of scout/spy/emissary for the order even though she clearly doesn’t really agree with their politics to a large degree and has “officially” left the order as mentioned in The Experiment mission.

I could be wrong though so I’d appreciate any corrections if anyone has them.

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One of the lore challenges (can’t remember which, but I think it was Mellka) states that the Red Observer is looking to have Mellka replace them (or maybe she was originally a Red Observer?).