What are the odds of orange weapons?

What are the odds of legendary weapon drops from common enemy’s? In BR2 I got a legendary gun from a common enemy (skag), is it the same in BR2 TPS.

The odds are EXTREMLY low, but im sure its possible in TPS.

In Bl2 I got a Slagga from a level 8 Psycho and another Slagga from a level 58 Skagpile in DLC4

I got a fatale from a badass in uvhm, so yes you can get legendaries from non bosses.

it should be the same 1:10000 chance of a world drop.

You are better using the grinder to be honest, much easier to farm if you are on PC

Or from vendors. Or from enemies that have a Legendary as their designated drop.

Yeah, the 3rd option though is still considered farming though, which isn’t what TPS is strong for. But there is Excalibastard.

Low, but I’m almost positive they are higher than they were in BL2. First kraggon I killed in UVHM dropped a Celestial Class mod. After playing the game for the first 8 hours, I killed a Swagman (I think he qualifies as a badass) on normal and he dropped a bonus package. I shot a rock chunk and out popped a Hammer Buster II.

Drop rates from bosses are slightly lower, but every other method of obtaining loot is higher.