What are the ops points requirements for oscar mike second skin?

Been replaying it over and over and can’t seem to unlock the second skin.

Same question for the previous two ops as well, since I haven’t played in a while.

85 points for the second skin, 100 for Faction Commander packs and a title. Faction Commander packs can be obtained each time you get 100 Ops points.

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but…how do you get 85 ops points in the oscar mike one? It’s so short! I can only make like 65.

You start with 5 more after each clear, up to a maximum start of 50. You can find 10 in a level, I think in the Oscar Mike one it has to do with a puzzle. 40 come from challenges in the Ops.

ah okay so just keep playing and i’ll get it eventually.

I haven’t played in a while so didn’t remember if that’s how it went with the first two

There’s a video from Mentalmars showing how to find the first four Ops points. Two of them are on a timer, so you have to go fast to get them. It’s linked in the OM v Battle School thread, but it will also be on his site/channel.

There are always two Ops Points chests somewhere on the raised track around the perimeter of the arena in the first three parts of the mission, but you can leave those until you’ve cleared each round (just remember to grab them before you leave!)

The reminder are for side objectives in the first three rounds. Watch out, as there are TWO side objectives in the third round but the second one doesn’t get announced. It’ll pop up mid-way through the third round when the mini-boss appears.