What are the results for the slot machines?

Topic, and including the dice from Moxxi’s in Tina’s DLC.

If you mean “what are the odds of getting a legendary?” from these sources…very very very very very low. I’m sure someone has the actual percentage chance somewhere, but in my experience, I’ve only ever had two oranges appear in the slots since 2012 and nothing from the dice.

Admittedly I haven’t exactly wasted millions on the Tina slots, but I have spent such sums on the regular slots. Coincidentally both legendries have come from the slot machine in the Dust, in the old garage. Random is Random though - so this little fact really means nothing insofar as actual chances go…I’m almost certain the odds are the same on all the ‘regular’ slots.

Oh, just go here then:

They have all the rewards, and for Tina’s slots too. And the odds as well!

Ah, thanks.