What are the rules for discussing modded gear?

Just curious if there was an audience at all. Is it frowned upon or open to discussion?

Partially forbidden under forum rules.

If you have any questions about that, you can PM one of the moderators for clarification. A good (positive) example is the Unofficial Community Patch threads for BL2 and TPS. Note that this only applies to PC though, so it’s not in the Handsome Collection sections (as that’s PS4/XB1 only and so modded weapons are not allowed).

You’ll get a better idea of what does and does not cross the line by checking out this thread:


Just wondering if anyone collects them as a novelty and if it was ok to talk about trading and what not. As long as they are not duped or used to ruin other players experience it’s ok?

Not if it’s on any console, as all console terms of use expressly forbid such things. That pretty much limits you to the PC on-line trading section, or the unofficial community patch threads I mentioned (and if you’re on PC you should check those out - some really neat stuff coming out of those projects). If there’s something you’d like to post about and aren’t sure if it’s appropriate, send one of the moderators a PM. You’ll find a list of the moderators on this page:


@Powerslave No, this forum isn’t to be used to arrange the exchange or collection of modded items.

Nope. Not even on PC.