What are the system requirements to play Borderlands 3?

I want to start building my PC for BL3 since its just 1 more month away. If someone could provide me with the Minimum and Recommended system requirements I can start planning my PC Specs.

Thanks in advance.

They haven’t been released yet.

I’ll put it simply for you… Borderlands 3 is coming to PS4 and XBox One. Compare your computer specs to those platforms. If you match or beat that, you’re golden.

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Should I match PS4 Pro/Xbox one X or Base PS4/Xbox one.

Probably the base models to start. I don’t really know the spec differences between the variants.

One thing to do is compare to similarly built games. So something released this year on the same engine, since the engine will probably determine the bulk of what is and isn’t done.

A game that came out this year on Unreal 4 is Crackdown 3. So it’ll probably be similar to that.

I’ll also say what I’ve said on every specs post so far: Randy was at the AMD e3 Presentation to talk about how the new “rapid packed math” in the new Rx 5700 graphics card makes the graphics in BL3 possible. So. That’s probably gonna be the “recommended”.

Just youtube search “borderlands amd”

Crap I don’t have a 5700 but a Radeon 7 which I love so I hope it doesn’t make a huge difference or I’ll have to buy another video card. The last 6 months I’ve had vega64 watercooled crossfire, rtx 2080, rtx 2080ti and now my radeon 7. Computers are my hobby. I do have to say just like the 1080ti which I had for a couple years, the 2080ti is an absolute monster. I like my 7 though. I’m hoping it’s not going to be a liability. The 2700x cpu should be plenty.

2080ti is a overkill dont you think?

There is no such thing as “Overkill”, only “Open fire!”, “Reloading!” and “I’m out of ammo!”
There is, however, overdoing it, like dropping a cluster charge on a house fly.

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Had to google “Cluster Charge” real quick.

If your neighborhood doesn’t experience a brownout every time you turn your computer on you need to add more hardware… >.>

You’ve got it backwards. If your neighborhood has a brownout every time you turn on your computer, they need more generators… or you need to upgrade your computer to the point they have outright blackouts instead. :smiling_imp:

i built a rig recently RTX 2070 16gb ram and i7 9700k i hope the specs are good enough

Game went gold right? did they post system requirements? still on the wall between console and pc

I still haven’t seen anything on the PC side. However, a WindowsCentral article about the game mentioned the following:

  • Locked at 30 fps on XB1
  • Choice of 30 fps @ 4K or 60 fps @ 1080p on XB1X

So, reasonably you’d want to have a system with better CPU & GPU stats than an XB1X on PC. Hardware is not my thing, but there have to be sites out there that will have the necessary details. Hopefully actual official specs will be out soon.

Wow y’all are hardcore… I’m still rocking my i7-4770k & gtx1080. I can play AC Odyssey on max settings (1080p) at 60fps and I’m confident that I will be able to do the same in BL3. I’m not worried about anything better than 1080p @ 60fps because that is the best my projector can display.

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Most likely it will be gtx 1060 for recomended (6GB of course). I don’t know much about CPU though.

HP pavilion Gaming desktop 690-00xx

processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g w/radeon Vega graphsic 3.60 ghz

installed RAM 8gb (5.92) usuable
windows 10
64 bit os

Not really good when it comes to what can run games, just curious just to make sure so i dont buy the game if i cant play it.

Threads merged. All that is known so far is up a few posts ^^^

So if I am reading the specs right that PC is using an intergraded graphics chip and doesn’t have a dedicated GPU? If that is the case I’d lean towards it not being able to run the game or if it does it will be struggling on low framerates on minimal settings. Intergraded graphics will normally pull from system ram for graphics and video and the system is running a low amount of ram to begin with for gaming.

At the same time from personal experience with HP computers they seem to frequently ship out generations of units with defective motherboards without addressing the issue and the issue varies on the model of the computer. I’ve seen things ranging from defective SATA controllers to entire boards de-laminating and coming apart due to CPU or GPU heat in stock configuration and no overclocking. As such I’m not likely to trust them to run more than a web browser at this point. I’m sure others have never had a problem with them so again its from my personal experiences when family members came to me with computer problems which I researched after identifying them and discovered this behavior by the manufacturer.