What are the three tiers of stats for builables?

If seems like each builable has attributes as you build them. Like the accelerator speed first, slow for enemies second, not sure what the 3Rd does. I tried to search the info and gave up. Any help would be appreciated.

You break crystal shards to obtain crystals which you use like currency to buy a buildable in a match. Once you buy it, say it costs 300 shards, then it might say 400. Once you pay both it will then say 500. Once you pay that, you’ve maxed the buildable out and it is as strong as it possibly can be.

Maybe I didn’t clarify, so I apologize. Someone mentioned that the support station lvl 1 heals, lvl 2 heal + damage buff, lvl 3 heal, damage buff and it has a shield. I was just wondering if anyone had the numbers on those stats? Never know what I could be missing out on.