What are things I need to know?

So I recently decided to pick up Battleborn, and I haven’t played since the closed technical, so what has changed and what are things that are generally helpful?


One piece of good news for new players is that all characters will be unlocked from the start when the new update drops.

PvP is very hard if you don’t have a firm grasp of the game before hand. Hell, it’s going to be hard either way so I’d recommend playing solo or the new bots battle first.

The meta in PvP is cc heavy and typically has a healer on both teams but the new character, Beatrix, will shake up the healer meta a bit with her wound.

New ops coming out for free if you have season pass.

New costumes, new character, new ops, new mode, everything is new.


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Here are 100 things you should know about PvP.


pheobe is no longer insta-win, small maps changes, only 1 type of gear per loadout (no more stacking cooldown), tanky champs are alot tankier, and plenty of new maps

i just picked the game up again recently, so im prolly missing a few major changes, but those are the major changes since the CTT

Never push your luck if a Very good Deande is around. If you have half or even a bit over half health, do not stop moving and go heal. If you are Eldrid when the enemy has a good Deande…Better watch your back…

Press Down to teleport back to base, healing all your HP. It’s useful if you either don’t have a healer, he’s busy, or you’re way past the enemy frontline and don’t care to ford it again.

Buying shock turrets gives you oodles of experience. 0 cost shards with some kind of minus you don’t care about (skill for healers, heal power for attackers, reload for melees) give you everything you need to buy them and your gear. You can get them from common packs, though you’ll take awhile to find one.

Shield pen no longer works on sentries. Don’t ever use it in general.

The following characters can kill you without allowing a response past about level 5: Orendi, Benedict, Boldur, Toby. Be cautious of them once they hit that level, as they’re champion player killers.

There’s a new CC effect called Wound that reduces healing recieved by 60%. A range of characters get it, but the most common ones are Gali’s shield, Caldy’s sword, ISIC’s Charge Cannon, Ernest’s grenades, and Mellka’s Spike.

Slow no longer affects attack speed, which means it doesn’t let you autokill people anymore.

El Dragon sucks.

Ghalt’s traps don’t stun, only slow.

AoE radius and damage has been reduced across the board, except for Orendi, who is still distilled death.

The sentries lost their hitscan attack and now launch a slow blue bolt that does 300ish damage. It made them far less lethal.

All thralls are stronger, and the double thralls in particular can launch a grenade that can oneshot many characters. Minions grow stronger every five minutes as well.

There’s a new game mode called Faceoff where you gather masks by killing Varelsi and then have protracted fights over a single point where you’re allowed to deposit them. Playing Attikus on this game type is a war crime.

Lots of legendary gears have been nerfed, but Symbiotic is still the best.

  1. Toby is the best Battleborn.

  2. Don’t listen to my advice on these forums.

  3. "Welcome, new friend! Pleased to be meeting @HandsomeCam! (This will make sense eventually).

Do you mind if I do that too?

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Give all of the characters one match of each mode. Pick about 5 you enjoy playing. This way, you’re never left hanging. What do you play on? There are a lot of people who’d love to help a new player on all platforms. Better yet, join the Discord!

And never be afraid to ask questions here. We all were just starting out at one point, but it may be harder for you because you have false past information to go off of. Good luck!


You can now shoot and walk through allied battleborn. Skillshots also pass through allied battleborn.

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Projectiles do not pass through allied thralls and elite bots though, and you can in fact CC them if the projectile would normally do so. This is a tremendous frustration if you’re playing Toby.

Welp, now I know this game is gonna be as tough to learn as all of the borderlands mechanics. Is Oscar Mike still viable, or should he be avoided?

Oscar is still a viable choice, though some of his skills got nerfed quiet a bit since launch.
Good starter when youre used to HALO or other shooters.

Oscar Mike is still good, just be aware that they reduced the damage on his fragpocalypse dot.

Bunny-hopping still op on PC version; mixed success on consoles.