What are we playing until then?

Right now I am just goofing around in Red Dead Redemption 2 ( OK I am fishing…)
Anyway, I may go back to Tomb Raider or Fortnite for a while I really don’t want to get “into” a game that much.
I was thinking of grinding some in BL2 before BL3 comes out, hopefully the button layouts will be the same.
So what about you?

I’ll keep playing borderlands 2 up to and after borderlands 3. For as long as the servers stay up, really


I’m gonna be sticking to my current tabletops I’m a part of right now at least for a little while (both are ending soon, sadly). I’ve gotta finish up some other games I have yet to finish and I’ve had Detroit: BH on my shelf for a couple months and haven’t even tried it. That’s probably next on my list.

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I loved Detroit BH, it was really a lot different than I expected.

Duke Nukem Forever!

Started a Borderlands marathon with BL1:GOTY, and planning to replay 2, TPS, Tales and all DLCs. Going to break it up in between with We Happy Few DLCs and Dangerous Driving.


Actually playing BL1(finished 1st playthru)/BL2(currently) and then going to play TPS again. Partly because I am on PC now and was hoping for legendary rewards when I get Steam BL3 and also because I haven’t played the Borderlands games since it came out originally so it has been years. Really enjoying the enhanced version but I don’t like how it isn’t really “enhanced” gameplay wise. Just enhanced graphically

BL1: Did PT1 and Dr Ned in April, currently on the Knoxx DLC. I never finished the Claptrap DLC, and I never fought Crawmerax, so I will do all that this month.

As of now, I am working in another country untill June, so I can’t play on my PS3, only on my clappy(l=r) laptop.

When I get home, I will probaly pick up The Pre-Sequel, since I never played it.

At some point I wanna finish the BL2 DLCs I never got around to as well. I only finished Tiny Tina’s DLC.

Besides BL, I play some Madden and the old NCAA football 13. And Gears of War III, if I bust out the old 360

There are people thinking BL2 is going to get new content of some sort here soon due to digging through steam and seeing updates and such they felt were out of the ordinary. So I guess here’s hoping gearbox is planning something to help us last until BL3’s release.

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I have a lot of games I just got.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Lego Harry Potter collection.

And planned on playing BL1, PS, BL2 with my friend before we jump to 3

Days Gone for now

Minecraft Village and Pillage is really fun. Mojang has step it up with the updates lately. I’m hoping for a Cave Update or Combat Update next. Other than that I’m replaying Borderlands 1. It’s been sooo many years since I played it so I guessed it’s about time since 3 is coming.

I’m playing BL1 Enhanced and BL2 Reborn in seperate co-op games. If Rage 2 has BL-style car controls, I’ll be getting that, in a couple of weeks. I don’t like key steering, on the PC, though. 3D Realms are promising Ion Maiden for “Q2”. If it does arrive between now and September I will certainly be buying it.


I’ll be playing mostly a mix of BL2 and BL1 remaster up until BL3 launches.

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My old PC’s busted so until I get a new one no Borderlands for me :frowning:

I guess I’ll just settle for going to my friend’s place and playing MK11 for now

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I just hope the controller layouts don’t change for BL3

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Basically every game i’ve played lately allows for button remapping. Don’t think that will be a problem. I doubt it would change anyway.

As for what i’ll be playing… I always make time for Borderlands between games. But i need to finish a couple play throughs on Nier Automata. Still go back to Monster Hunter World often. Picked up Persona 5 not too long ago, need to play that. Might pick up Days Gone. Not sure yet.

Took me a long time, but i’ve just got into Path of Exiles. Still not sure about the end game, but giving it a good run. Will be playing Diablo 3 season 17, Division 2 but waiting for the RAID. Maybe some B2 prior to launch of B3, will see. Can honestly say I’m giving Anthem the elbow, such a let down.

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Sadly I’m off work at the moment so games don’t last me long and having just completed Days Gone I have nothing to play :cry::sob:

Rage 2 may make my list. Want to play Days Gone as well…

Rage 2 will depend on how predatory their purchasable items are…beyond the base game

The Borderlands HD remaster hit at the perfect time. Loving re-playing the original. Only character I had not played was Mordecai - and he’s great. Bloodwing is awesome