What are we playing until then?

I WAS doing that…

…but, y’know - d’ose drop rates.

I swear at god, I have gotten 4 times the pearlescents for as many Craw runs, as I have Shooting Stars from Noob, etc.

I almost wish that was hyperbole.

3 Nemeses, a caustic Jackal, and a crummy IC yesterday, alone.

No Invader scopes, sadly.

Edited for naming error.

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Replayed BL1, now playing BL2. When I get bored with BL2, I may give pre-sequel another try, but I’ve hardly played TPS. Just never got into as I did with BL2. Not sure why.

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Borderlands 2

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Fire Emblem

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I have been playing Borderlands 1 GOTYE and damn I forgot how good the first one was and how awesome Bloodwing was (RIP Blood :sleepy:) + So much content that will keep me going until borderlands 3 comes out.

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Mortal Kombat 11 and I’m going to try to finish Outlast 2 but it’s scary lol. Other than that I’m just watching anime, this season has so many shows.

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Still BL2 and may try to get further into Divinity Original Sin II…

same here.

Deep Rock Galactic! I loves me some minerals!!! Rock and Stone!

I’m trying to complete Metro Exodus on the hardest setting - No Hud, No mid level saving - no nothing basically.

Well on a side note I went to Red Dead Online to redeem $250 cash for PS+ users, I had to do it by Oct. 7th and I kinda think I will be knee deep into this game lol

Destiny 2 as usual.

More monsters die in the new world and hoarfrost reach every minute I wait for BL3 to launch. I don’t think its possible to use everything I’ve brought back to Astera and Selina. There is probably a Rotted Vale 2.0 out there somewhere they’re dropping the corpses at… >.>

Gears 5. Will actually play its multiplayer in between BL3 sessions just so things don’t get monotonous…


I decided to replay BotW. Tried Master Mode… I quickly realized my error and made another profile and started a standard playthrough. Better finish up that last Beast before tomorrow. Don’t wanna leave Hyrule hangin’.