What are you doing to get hyped for THC?

I played Borderlands 2 an ass-ton back on the 360, but it broke a while ago, and I decided to just upgrade and switch to the PS4. I haven’t played BL2 in a shile, but I remember the joys and farming and exploderating stuff in Torgue’s DLC. For me, I’m just reminiscing of how much fun I had – remembering how many times I had to kill Pete for the stuff I got – and also knowing that the game with be in 1080p/60fps makes it so much better!

What are you doing to get hyped for tomorrow (or whenever you’ll be getting the game)?

So many great memories on bl2. Can’t wait to have a fresh start. I’ll still be looking for that darn cobra. That’s one gun I never got to drop.

I’m… Going to work(work the graveyard shift) but I’ve been reading that the PS4 update is the last to update so guess it’s not all THAT bad

Everything is all set. Game is downloaded, BL2 save is uploaded, coffee is flowing. Now I wait.

tap tap tap

Waiting… (somewhat) patiently for EU release.
Hopefully some of the problems with transfers are ironed out by the time I get home from work on Friday.

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