What are you doing to level up to 70?

I am right at 62 and really don’t want to do any of the weapon side missions in the DLC until 70.

What are you guys doing to level up?

Same old…same old Iwa grinding??

Or is there better spots for more XP??

What’s your favorite area??

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Guardian Hunter.

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Welcome to Helios. Meet jack. Reset. Rinse and repeat. 50,000 XP every few minutes. :wink:


Does resetting leave all the completed missions available again? I’ve not tried this yet.

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I wanted to get my Athena to 70 fast, I figured that I’d do Raid Sent and Iwininejwnajneajw runs to do it but after getting to 63 by just doing that my head wanted to explode.

I reset my playthrough and easily made it to 69 just before facing Zarp. I finished her off but didn’t turn in the mission, did all the non-unique reward missions, went into the Dahl arena and completed round four of that, then did all the Holodome missions and leveled up to 70 right before the BA round. I then went back, turned in the Eye mission and accepted the final mission at 70 and got a new level 70 Rosie after killing the Sentinel. I haven’t even touched the new DLC with Athena just yet, but at least now I can get all the new stuff at max level. :smiley:

Yeah, all missions are open again.


I also want to know how to level to 70 quickly.
If I don’t want to reset UVHM, what can I do?

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Resetting UVHM literally wipes the slate clean for that playthrough. You could go play any or every mission, reset and do it all again.

edit: TLDR; mission xp seems to be better than mob xp. at least in the main game before the dlc hit. The DLC missions and mobs however seem to both provide good xp. I need to go back and check if main game mob xp has increased UVHM.

Speaking of which. I might do something like that to get to 70. After I do every DLC mission, I’ll likely go and redo every mission in the campaign. I got the hero collection and that will be useful for getting a bunch of the achievements again. I suspect I’ll be level 70 by the end of that.

When going from 50 to 70 I’ll take my characters through every mission in the main game and the DLC and then reset and do whatever I want until I hit 70. Or I’ll do and redo the DLC campaign over and over. You can get to the claptrap campaign as soon as you reach springs. Then you warp over to deck 13.5. Do the DLC, reset UVHM and do it again. Eventually you can probably do that cycle every 5 to 6 hours of gameplay. Nice way to get a legendary too. The xp from the dudes in the dlc is outstanding.

I get bored doing the same 3 to 10 minutes of content over and over again. For example, iwajira farming, or doing the meet jack mission. I can only do that for so long. Also it’s very much a solo effort to do that. Doing that in multiplayer is annoying .

Other options for 50 to 70? I suppose doing all content and then farming all game bosses in a tour in multiplayer could be fun. Example tour, you go kill deadlift, then Nel, then Red Belly, etc… Each guy once.

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Throwing storm fronts at my feet for hours and watching guardians die

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Guardian Hunter…killed Iwa once realized how much xp I got…went back to guardian hunter.

Still trying to find the rate at which to kill them. If you start getting a little crazy the game lags too much and it seems to get less kills per minute :laughing:

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Holodome. 1 Ding every 2-3 rounds, plus lots of nukems to take to the grinder.

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I think they should up the XP rate, because shooting into Guardian, into Iwajira or resetting isn’t fun I guess.
Like, I don’t mean make everyone worth 1.000XP, but, just add some small multiplier.

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Playing the game.


11/10 advice.

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I see a lot of Guardian Hunter as answers- and of course, its def the most time efficient.
If you dont want to just stand there and do that though,
or just want a change of scenery while leveling, maybe try some RedBelly runs?
Each guy gives slightly over 10k XP, compared to just 11k ish? from Iwajira.
Also 2 Red Chests + 1 Silver Chest + 1 Moonstone Chest :smiley:
I recommend fast traveling to Crisis Scar, then leaving the area through the travel location you exited through the first time you beat RedBelly to Triton Flats, then coming right back in.
this way you don’t have to start from the beginning of Crisis Scar after every Save/Quit.


Refresh me…

Where do you get the Guardian Hunter mission and is there a Prerequisite mission before it.

Best method for farming that XP…Kill this but not that?..don’t turn in and do this ort that…what…technique?

It’s been months since I did that mission in my very first play through.

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you can pick it up in Vorago Solitude.
No Prerequisite, just talk to Sterwin- he’s not too hard to find, more to the right of where you go during the story (right of the doors with the turrets)
Only requirement is that you not use the monster trap grenade mod to capture the wraiths :smile:
I’ve found that the most efficient way to do it is with a Nisha.
you just stand infront of the spawn location in showdown and hold down the trigger (unless using Jakobs)
It’s quite boring, but there is no faster leveling method
Hope this helps!

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My plan after getting to 61 at the end of Claptastic Voyage:

  1. do all side quests
  2. run holodome BA round a few times
  3. run the weird level-up thingy in Claptastic Voyage until it becomes too much
  4. reset UVHM
  5. grind until 70
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Tediore guns help speed up Guardian Hunter, lvl 70’s are useful too…

I will be on around 820 tonight CST and can walk you through it.

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A good way to measure it is with a Nisha with Blood of the Guilty on your team. Every 10 seconds the amount of order stacks Nisha has is a measure of how many guardians you killed. use that to figure out the best guns for killing them.

I pretty much just got a Cryo Bladed T4S-R, reset my play through and played through the story again to get to level 67, with a lot of side quests. Then i just gave up and did Guardians where i found out the BoTG trick.


Athena is better for it, unless you just want to hold the triggers and walk away. Throw storm fronts, abuse unrelenting and Elemental barrage, anything becomes a Hybrid Infinity/Sandhawk/DPUH/OtherGoodGunFromBl2

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