What are you hoping to see in the gameplay reveal?

So May first is our Gargantuan Gameplay Gearbox Gala!

With any luck, some of our mortifying fears will be soothed, and some of our lavish desires will be quenched with the confirmation that yes indeed, the last boss is going to be Faceless fearless Face McShooty and his Faceless Fearless Badass Shooter. (Kidding.)

But in all reality, what’s hear to be looking forwards to, other than what we’ve already seen in the previous four (technically four if you count the leaked one) trailers? Personally, I’ve got my hopes set on seeing a more in-depth look into the features of a skill tree or two, see what the actual UI is going to look like, a peek into where the game’s starting (unless they have it set somewhere ambiguously in the middle), and see how this game actually runs.

What else do we want to see in a few weeks? And please, keep your “I wanna see them play Borderlands 3 on Steam!” posts to the proper thread, please. At this point the PC Launcher feud is diluting the actual discussion that could be going on otherwise. Thank you.

I’d like to see the opening. I’d also like to see some skill trees, and a few legendaries.

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Maybe they’ll announce that they are releasing a new scent spray to answer the burning question fans have had since BL1. What exactly do hemorrhoids wrapped in bacon smell like?

And that Engorge will be available for purchase at GNC.

That aside. Hoping to see how the revamped skills system works since its supposedly been changed from that 3 tree system we had previously. Showcase of customization options for characters in terms of gear slots and also cosmetics. Reveal all the element types in game and also show off the manufacturer effects on guns.

And announce Borderlands 4 >.>


A glimpse at the new skill trees and at the weapon gimmicks for each manufacturer.


Hopefully we’ll see the ammo counter in the player’s inventory. That should confirm how many weapon types will be present in BL3.


I’m seriously excited for BL3 and playing BL TPS to get geared up for it. All I want is for them to stay with the format and not/not deviate from it, say like add a PvP element, or heaven forbid, a battle royal mode. That would completely kill it for me.

And I want to see the shotty’s. I hoping they won’t all be scoped this time around. I swear every single one I’m picking up, or see in the shops in TPS, are ones that are scoped.

Scopes on shotguns never bothered me in games because I almost never ADS a shotgun. I think the only one I ever did it with in the borderlands series was a Jakobs Legendary in BL1 because it’s pellet spread with tight enough to use it at long range.

I’d like to see a bit of the environment. Whatever mission(s) they are working on. A look at some design of the backpack/skill tree (if there are changes) hopefully running into some familiar faces. I’d like to see some of the new weapons in action (such as CoV guns) and last but not least…the vehicles

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