What are you killin' with Amara?

With all the nerfs and changes and stuff going on, I just figured I’d ask what everyone was up to on her. Since hittin 50 it seems pretty obvious she’s not as good at ganking bosses as Moze or Fl4k (no clue after their verarious nerfs), but… still very possible to kill every boss I’ve hit thusfar (thumbs up for this kind of more friendly solo design) and mobbing is just an utter joy at this point.

I finished normal at around 43, did tvhm to 46, and a friend Graveward’d me up to 50. Since then I’ve been playing through my very young TVHM playthrough at 50 on Mayhem 2. I’m leaving it there mostly casue I’m just trying to get through the story and get some decent loot and not having to worry about the “hassle” of bosses on Mayhem 3, but my Elemental DPS build flies through most things. Biggest issue I’ve hit so far is finding and keeping good “Situation X” guns. Most of the good maliwans lack their “switchable element” property which means keeping multiple burning/corrosive weapons on top of my full stack of shock gear.

Also seriously, ■■■■ whatever ■■■■■■■ came up with the idea of giving that one manufacturer a taser that always says “shock damage”. Tired of my friends sending me great weapons that aren’t for my build.

Anyway, that’s my thing - I farm with friends been pipe cleaning Mayhem 2 TVHM story with no heavy issue.

What have you cats been murdering?

With the right gear she melts bosses it seems. Watched a video of a guy casting phasecast and single magazine killing Graveward with a fire cutsman.

Im guessing he had a phasecast weapon damage annointed cutsman. I just can’t seem to achieve those kinds of damage numbers no matter what spec I choose. I don’t have a good phasecast or phaseslam weapon damage legendary yet.

I’ve been doing slaughtershaft because I’m not a fan of boss fights in general. I’m a fan of mobbing.

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TVHM M2 has been just about the right mix for me. I have a lot of legendaries from my time put into graveward and my friends saved a few electric things for me too.

Honestly I think the two biggest things are going to be the cutsman and crossroads. Both can spec with honestly stupid damage numbers that feel honest to god bugged compared to other SMGs, but time will tell and for the most part I’m keeping my goddamn mouth shut about them.

I’m still working on my reflexes and muscle memory for certain combat tactics. Wrangling Atlas gear without ‘thinking’ about it is almost dialed in (checking track/damage mode by the reticle so I don’t have to disengage momentarily from combat, finding the good angles where the rounds can hit fellas behind cover, making sure I reload when in damage, not track, mode, and getting used to the different tracker types). I’ve got this almost done.

I’m also working on using slides in combat… it always seems like the enemies I want to slide into are chasing me, so I can’t get a good start.

With Amara, however, I’m working on incorporating slams into combat (I still hit the sprint button instead of crouch sometimes). I love her skill that lets her fist pound without having to get to a high point, but the relics that unlock some different slam options are fun to use in combat. My first siren just got to Promethea on her first playthrough, so she’s pretty wet behind the ears still.

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Amara with a good build and set can actually reach ALMOST the same amount of damage of Fl4k, tbh.

She’s just…less broken?
it’s still risky to go with that build if you don’t know how to use it.

I personally melt bosses in mayham 3 in like 1 minute or even less?

My advise to you is to find a good build on internet

Yeah I’m not really complaining, just gauging the room. No idea on individual boss times, I just went at MH2 because MH3 seems counterproductive for just running around and mobbing.

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Elemental or melee build she destroys everyone.

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Yeah, i totally get that.

MH3 is really hard with characters without a “perfect” build

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Honestly I think my big thing atm is I don’t have one of the higher end “jacked as hell” guns for graveward. My corrosive cutsman murdered the hell out of the pen and teller boss on a run I did just to piss off @Piemanlee , but I don’t have one in shock/fire yet, so my best SMG option there is still hellfire which seems to pale in comparison to either the cutsman or crossroads. I know lyuda is up there on the “murder the hell out of graveward” bits and I haven’t hit one of those yet either. The last bosses I killed in story was Katagawa who’s shield I insta blew out and got him to like 50% for his first shield proc… real quick, but that took time cause I still had to mop up clones. Not hard or problematic just… annoying. I did Ravager after him which took more time cause again, no “good” fire gun yet and stupid elemental resistances. I want to say that fight was around 1-2 m but I wasn’t really timing, just running around throwing murder at people.

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If you are on ps4 we can give you some.

Nah I’m still one of the EGS sellouts.

I’ll just have to live with actually dodging things and doing some farming myself for awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

Alas, such is life.

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If you wanna skip the gearing/grinding part i should have some spare weaponry

Ild say she just needs more gear/effort to get in her broken state, which probably makes it fine (i hope)

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Thanks for the offer! I’ve still got a lot of story to burn through and my friends grind a lot, so I think I’ll be good.

A decent fire smg to start on is to get the L0v3m4ch1n3 from finishing the Baby dancer quest on pandora. Though you gotta do all the other clapslist quests to get there. It packs a punch once you get used to its spread/shoot bosses. (It fits completely into gravewards critspot)

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me fists

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