What are you playing now?

Just wondering what people are doing to satisfy the shooter itch once they’ve burnt out on BL3. For me, Horizon Zero Dawn has got to be game of the year. It kinda blindsided me. I’m not a console player so I’d never heard of it until it released on PC, but I’m already considering buying a PS5 just so I can play the sequel!

The graphics are stunning for a 5-year-old game and the combat is incredible. Fighting mechanical dinosaurs with bows and arrows, especially robot T Rex with frickin lasers, what’s not to like. I’m approaching the end of the game and the combat never gets boring. You get new skills as you level up that let you easily deal with the smaller machines, but combat against the more lethal ones never get’s too easy. It feels so dynamic, you really get the impression that the AI wants you dead. Rather than just running at you and eating arrows the AI actually tries to counter you, hiding, flanking, even running away and alerting other machines.

There are only a handful of weapons, but every one serves a purpose and I find myself regularly switching between the 3 types of bow and different ammo types during a fight. For me a dozen well-crafted weapons trump a bazillion useless ones any day, GB should take note.

And to top all that Aloy as a 6-year-old is possibly the cutest video game character ever!

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