What are you playing to hold you over until Battleborn is here?

So, I am admittedly kind of stealing this topic from Reddit, but I came across it and thought it was really cool. We’re all as excited for you guys to get your hands on Battleborn as you are. In the meantime, what are you playing to “tide yourself over” until release day?

Original Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/3hixh4/what_are_you_playing_to_scratch_the_battleborn/

EDIT: Credit to @reincarN8ed since he is apparently who I stole this from! Thanks, man! :smile:


I personally will be playing Dishonored: Divine edition from the 25th of August :D.

Others include:

  • Rocket League
  • Mortal kombat x
  • Last of us (Multiplayer)
  • Borderlands the Handsome collection!

Edit: I like a variety :wink:


Mad max comes out soon, then battlefront, overwatch, and fallout are all on my radar.

So alot of games soon, but for now bl2, tales, gta, evolve, rocket league, and I’m sure more will come along.

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Probably Evolve…

Really on the fence about the game though (haven’t bought it yet)
and of course the handsome collection


Nothing most likely (except Hearthstone and Smash on my old GC once in a while).

It is sad that couch co-op is so rare nowadays - not even the latest Halo support split-screen :wink:


I’ve been digging MMOs recently so primarily The Secret World with some Destiny and World of Warcraft thrown in. I’m going to start a New Game+ playthrough of Witcher 3 on highest difficulty, and then play the expansions when they come out. Working my way through the Handsome Jack Collection with a friend on Xbox One as well.


PC (rather a laptop but anyway): Left 4 Dead 2, Carmageddon (the first one)
PS3: Currently BL1 to farm for stuff, even if I wasn’t planning to at first
PS2: Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus, Ico
GC: Really should play Killer 7 again, magnificent game.
NDS: Mario Kart, Guilty Gear Dust Strikers, Phantom Detective, Theresia: Dear Emile

Saving for a PS4 for Shadows Fall, Bloodborn and possibly Battleborn if the reviews are positive.


Handsome collection

trying out free games from the “free games with xbox gold” program (such as bioshock infinite and dishonored)

assassins creed unity and black flag


Star wars battlefront and Mad Max interest me.

Diablo 3

Rocksmith, Rockband 3, Rockband 4

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Currently League of Legends and The Crew. Latter gets a new awesome add-on by the end of the year.
Also I could re-install Trackmania 2 - Canyon and Shootmania
Might revisit some older games like ReVolt.
Rayman 3 - Hoodlum Havoc and Worms Forts sadly don’t work anymore :’(
The 3 big classics of my childhood… (aside from Mario vs Donkey Kong and Pokémon ofc, but those are for GBA)


I’m 100%ing Dragon Age Inquisition. Doing my Nightmare run. I might try Bloodborne but after I 100% Dragon Age Inquisition, I will be playing and 100%ing Tomb Raider.


For now, mostly BL2 and TPS, but I really should get back into Max Payne 3 and The last of us, I’m like halfway through both of them…

I’m looking forward to picking up the new battlefront and mabye the witcher 3 at some point.

Oh, and I should probably finish a play-through of the original borderlands, I still haven’t done that.

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BL2 and TPS with regularity these last months, though now a bit more TPS than BL2.
Torchlight 2 as well.
Otherwise as MMO I play Wildstar once in a while.
Also binge Tales From The Borderlands when a new ep is released he he.
I started very recently Ori and the Blind Forest, even though I hate platformers, that’s how good the art style is.

Only 2 things on my radar :

Battleborn :blush:
And Hob that just got announced.

Funny, when I look at this list, all those games have at least one thing in common :
an art direction with an attitude…

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February 9th? I’m planning on applying the legit plan and strategy from the film, Face Off with Nicolas Cage and swap faces with someone who has beta access. That way I can play the game sooner.

Nah, but legit right now, Evolve when I stream because my viewers kinda expect it from me. Plus I still love that game. But in my free time, I’m wasting the hours rising to Diamond in SoloQ for League of Legends. Overwatch of course when that comes out, but I don’t think Im going to do anything casting wise for that. Everyone from here to Timbuktu (Sorry for the overused joke) is looking to cast Overwatch… I have pre-ordered The Division because that looks fun as HELL to play with a small, close knit group of friends too :slight_smile:


For now, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mortal Kombat X, Toy Soldier War Chest.

Armello and Fallout 4 look interesting.

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Diablo 3, with my wife, and Fallout in a couple of months - I finally just couldn’t take Dragon Age Inquisition’s time-wasting anymore and, sadly, threw in the towel. DA:O was so awesome, but it seems now like both DA2 and DA:I were sacrificed on the altar of EA wanting to develop a fantasy MMO, so they gutted DA2 and overloaded DA:I. I can’t see going back to that series, now.

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i need a new second hard drive. sigh. cant play titanfall, assassin’s creed, borderlands 1, etc etc on linux. Only reason I keep a Windows hdd is for games that absolutely refuse linux. TftB is another good example.

I’m still playing The Handsome Collection (and I don’t think I’ll ever stop). I’m currently working through UVHM with my Gladiator and Lawbringer and I started a Mechromancer recently because I never had the chance to play one on my PS3. I’m also (slowly) working my way through Diablo III: Reaper of Souls with a friend who’s a veteran of the game. I’m undecided on Battlefront. I’m dropping Destiny at the start of “Year 2” so that could be 66.7% of Battlefront’s cost before tax. I think EA/DICE made the wrong call shipping without a campaign. If a multiplayer-first shooter has a campaign indicative of less developer love, then yes I understand why players would forego it but I think it’s unfair to use this as evidence to not make a campaign in a Star Wars game because I see Battlefront as a Star Wars game first and multiplayer shooter second.

Speaking of multiplayer, I’m ready for a Battleborn PvP information drop. We all know about the three modes but I want to see them in action. I’m talking uncut 1080p/60fps footage. How long is each mode expected to last? Will the beta contain a PvP component? Will Battleborn have 100% dedicated server support on all three platforms? Custom games/private matches? Spectator mode? Can split-screen players (at 1080p/30fps?) enter PvP? I have so many unanswered questions.

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Is that any good!? Never tried it to be honest. Are you playing on PS3 or PS4?

Try it its great bought at launch and still playing it daily!

Playing the Pre-Sequel finally on PS4.

The only other games which are a 100% Day1 is Fallout4 and The Nathan Drake Collection apart from this there are a few games I am interested in but not yet sure if I am buying them.
MadMax looks very good but if it’s just another Open World Clone I am not going for it same for MGSIV. I am bit sick of this 100+hour “All the same Open World blabala” games currently.
What else Until Dawn looks interesting so I’ll take a good look at this when it launches next week. Battlefront will be checked too. I am trying CoD BO III Beta tonight and same for Rainbow Six Sieg in September but both are not really must-haves for me.

Maybe another remasterd Dishonored or God of War III.

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