What are you reading right now?

A book about how a story that surprised no one in the end was made a non-starter for years and years


Staying with non-fiction:

Given Bryson’s knack for conveying knowledge in an entertaining manner, I do have high hopes for this one.

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Nothing crazy to report, but a tiny update so @Curmudge0n doesn’t need to edit his last post a hundred times.

Started the Malice in Wonderland series by Lotus Rose today. There’s three trilogies and a prequel, so I started the prequel during alternate side day. Rather dark. Wonderland is real, Alice’s tears can raise the dead and therefore the Queen wishes to keep her prisoner. The Looking Glass house is guarded by a Jabberwocky, which is an honor bound warrior (think Klingon), and there seems to be some sort of Medieval/feudal society at work. The first 4 chapters seem a bit disjointed and out of chronological order, but Alice’s Adventures being one of my favorite works of literature I will be pushing through to see what lies beyond.


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From Bryson’s entertaining non-fiction to some less funny reading

Edit: Though Hitchens’ sense of humour was working to the last. A little book of about a 100 pages collecting his last and great essays. Highly recommended though definitely not for every mood.

Next up: Ragnarok by A.S. Byatt


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Double-post again, but this one is so far off the norse mythology-centered books I read the last few days that it deserves an extra post:

Looks like I am working backwards through Hitchens’ books.


I’m in Book 2 of Malice in Wonderland, Alice: Angel of Death. The first book (Alice the Assassin) was good and I’d recommend it, more strongly for folks with a fondness for and familiarity with Lewis Carroll’s original works than for those who don’t share those with me. But I just read this and it was very worth a laugh. A bit bawdy perhaps, but a short and pleasant diversion this morning.


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