What are you reading right now?

Maybe the author is trying to capture the way a certain culture speaks English? Don’t know if it would be right to say no one speaks English that way. Certainly, colloquialism hardly follows grammar – for cultures and people less conscious of English.

He is. Just not very convincingly. And he’s doing it the same way for all characters, which happen to be from various places across the world. He also does it to a minor degree with 3rd person narrative.

It gets less distracting as the book goes on so ultimately it’s a good book but not a great one.

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After several disappointing false starts, I may be onto a winner

I didn’t intend on getting another short story collection but I wanted something to rip through while I wait for a couple books from the libary (sic). I have no idea how I know this guy but I’m sure I’ve read him before. Oddly, all the stories take place in rural Texas, my third favourite place in the world (after Florida and Alberta o/c). American gothic for the most part, well crafted.



Unfortunately it suffers from the grave publishers sin of untrimmed pages. A pox upon such things.

Piranesi is still on order. May its pages be true.


That used to be a sign of a prestige edition. The theory being that the ragged edges of the untrimmed pages were less likely to tear. At least, that’s what the publishers claimed. As usual YMMV and all that!

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That certainly sounds like a reasonable……reason. However I’m still inclined to believe they do it as an affectation, to give the book an olde tyme veneer.

Well yes, that too. I remember it because my Mum used to be in one of those subscription book club things, and they had a whole bunch of bound special edition series for that period library look - they all had the uncut pages, lots of gold embossing on the covers, etc. I did get a few nice things out of that, including an Alistair McLean 3-in-1 hard cover.

A prequel to Gaiman’s original 1987+ run. Extraordinary so far. And hardcover to boot.

By the way, this was posted yesterday about the upcoming Netflix show


Kaufman and Kristoff are geniuses. Cannot recommend their joint and individual books enough!
Since you mentioned Amie Kaufman I also recommend these books : These Broken Stars and The illumae files

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Ah yes, I read through all three books of the series. :heart_eyes:

Kristoff’s best (in my opinion) is the Nevernight trilogy. Fantasy instead of sci-fi, but very well done.


The Gospel of John.
I’m trying to read the Bible from front to back. But not in that order.

This is a very addictive book with thriller tints. I advise you to read it for those who want to get acquainted with the latest history and enjoy the unusual ending. You can read more about the novel here: [elided by moderators]

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