What are you reading right now?

Concerning And Another Thing:

We did not. From a practical perspective nothing really changed, and little if anything was added. That’s not to say it was all bad, it was just superfluous. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I wouldn’t tell you to avoid it like the plague either. It does beg the question of “was it planned by Adams (I kind of doubt that), or was it a cash grab by the publisher based on ‘What happens to Arthur, because he’s the protagonist’ (seems more likely to me)?” I’m not mad at it, but I do think it could’ve benefitted from a different author/less “follow the formula” approach. Definitely bittersweet.


Oh man I was a Coleridge junkie (he says about a chaser of dragons :joy:) in high school. Albatross is probably my most abused metaphor ; in fact you might say I’ve hung it around my neck.


Was in the local street-side library so of course I grabbed it and of course I’m going to read it next.


Ever since I found out there were actual lines and stanzas from the poem in the Iron Maiden song, and moreso after I read Kublai Khan in high school. Some of the lesser known works in the collection are a bit churchy for my taste, but they’re all bits of classical romantic beauty, and the surreal stuff is sublime.

Started the Dirk Gently reread today. My favorite line, “high on a rocky promontory sat an electric monk on a bored horse,” which I have remembered as the first sentence of the book, is actually the first sentence of the second chapter.:grimacing: Oh well, still a great sentence.


I’m about to start reading “Hunts Epilogue” by @ima_pseudonym_2, the fifth and final installment in a series of Borderlands stories centered around Gaige and Deathtrap, set after BL3.

I’ve read my fair share of fanfics in my life and, I must say, none of them captured me as much as this series, so I do recommend checking them out. I started reading the first one almost two years ago without expecting much at first, and I ended up loving it, without even being a big fan of Gaige.

I’d suggest trying the first one (Hunter’s Folly) out: it brings some deserved and satisfying closure to Gaige’s story (plausibly more so than BL4 will, given GBX’s track record), and in any case, all of these novels feel conclusive enough that each following addition feels like that, a welcome addition, not a fundamental puzzle piece to enjoy the previous ones.


Went through The Stranger. Now I finally know the background to the old Cure song…

Started The Book Of Taltos by Steven Brust, a three-book omnibus edition of fantasy novels. I’ve read one of those in German years ago and was rather glad to find an English multi-novel version.


Is this part of the old Jhereg series? I read those as a kid - they were good as I recall.



The second omnibus is The Book Of Jhereg. The one I know was good, but they were not easy to get in German back then. I’m not sure how many got translated at all.


Read the first 3 collected editions a while back and enjoyed them. I also remember the other works of his that I read, To Reign in Hell and Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grill, very fondly.