What are you using to heal post nerf?

Like the title says what are you guys using to keep your moze healthy?

So far I’ve used tediore reloads with vampyr and also tried the big boom shield. Haven’t tried shock damage with the transformer yet. What’s your go to?

vampyr…you just gotta land them crits now with the gun and directly hit them with the grenade throw

I switch to a gun/grenade hybrid using Orge/Frakker. Orge do ■■■■ damage & you can kill yourself with Frakker. It wasn’t fun. Moze was my go to chill character. No more now. You can still play her, but you can also drink warm coke, but it just doesn’t feel as good.

In any case, survivibility took a big hit.


I use a Deathless relic but paired with a Master Blaster COM. Vampyr does nothing for that combo and thus I don’t need to spend points in order to reach it, so I just let the Big Boom Blaster’s boosters keep me sustained.


I went with the Shield skills and haven’t needed to heal at all. On MM3 I’m playing like I would in regular TVHM mode, don’t have to be extremely careful or anything.

(If you have a Big Boob Shield that drops the instant shield regen packs you’re basically immortal, I had to stop using it because it was too easy lol.)

I have like 2 pieces of gear that work to boost the shield, and that’s it, every other gear I have equipped is whatever I want.

Not even anything special

Haven’t tried it with Moze but I’ve found that you can keep yourself alive fairly well if you combine a Transformer with a Shock Devil’s Foursome and just shoot at your feet. If anything, that should probably work even better with all the extra shield you get from Bloodletter and Deathless.

My combos:

– Transformer + Thunderball Fists/Hex/Storm Front (or other shock weapon)

– Bloodletter + 5/5 Vampyr + Tediore chuck build (You can rock a Transformer on this for extra security)

– 3/3 Thin Red Line + 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity + Big Boom Blaster (if you have one with 5k shields, this will get you to ~28k)

#1 and #3 are very dependent on Ogres and Faisors (shotgun mode) to keep your grenade count and ammo regen up. I’m experimenting with two more:

– 3/3 Thin Red Line + 5/5 Vladof Ingenuity + Dual Redundancy Front Loader (x2 shield booster) [this gives you almost 50k shields with a 20% chance to drop 15% boosters; gets up to 73k with the gunner shield/health booster anointed effect, though that only increases you max shields, it doesn’t fill them]

– Bloodletter + a high damage Facepuncher + Knife Drain Deathless (or something similar; white elephant, commander planetoid, stone, etc).

Big Boom Blaster if I don’t get Vampyr or MIRV Widowmaker if I do get Vampyr. Don’t have a Bloodletter COM.

gearbox deserve a huge hate for what they did to moze in the last patch not even showing that she is nerfed on purpose nerfing,nerfing and nerfing again and again and again but without buffing anything else the character with the most useless skill in the game gets nerfs without any buffs


Crits. Since I was dealing with inconsistencies my usual grenade healing I’ve switched to what I call “oh, glorious vladof” build.

Where I use only vladof weapons, a transformer shield, a recurring hex granade (electric, for shield stripping, but whatever grenade you want to use is fine; I tested the build and it works with basically whatever) a bloodletter com with +3 on phalanx shield, and +1 on thin red line and desperate measure. Lastly, deathless artifact with +granade and rad damage.
I use a rad shredifier as main weapon and it is stupidly powerful.
The downside of this build is that it uses only AR and is therefore very sensible to MH modifiers when bossing.
They don’t really matter on mobbing, as far as I could see.

Just wanted ti highlight that, nothing to add to the topic so I’ll leave now.

I can help with that if you want one. Mine has mad rolls too :wink: Got a sweet Big Boob Blaster (:joy:) today too if you need.

ghast call or recurring tracker

Recurring Tracker?

Big boom blaster shield work nice.

Rubber tracker work nice with vampyr.

Im not a big fan of transformer since you have to use electrik and i prefer radioactive.

atlas grenade with divider and mirv. the best would be maddening cloning tracker. atlas with divider, mirv and bouncy so the mirv grenades dont immediately explode if they hit a wall.

Has anyone tested to see if Chupa’s Organ counts as splash damage? It ticks a bunch once it attaches to a target.

UPDATE: Does not appear that it does. I found a 120%/60% transfusion nade. Works okay, but it is a bit finicky.

I’ve been using Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair a lot…no regrets

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bloodletter is basically useless. none of the following restore shields via bloodletter i’ve found through testing beyond the initial grenade/s (divider and Nagata still Work)

chupas organ

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Currently using the Nagata, seems to work okay when I hit them directly. Do you know if the Rain Firestorm works with it? I don’t have any, and I’m hesitant to trade for one if it doesn’t work lol.

The Rain Firestorm works if you toss it into a large group of enemies, otherwise it is hard to get multiple procs in a single throw.

One thing I am working on right now is getting a shield and grenade combo that have the “applies terror” and “regens health when terrified” effects. Found a couple of good nades with the former; now I’m trying to get a Brawler Ward with the latter.