What are you worried about in BL3?

We know very very little about BL3 gameplay now, of course, but there’s already things I’ma gonna worry about.
First, beam weapons. Saw quite a few things that looked like beamers in the trailer. I’m not a big fan. I didn’t like them much in TPS, I am not good at holding the beam on a target, so I stink with them. Hopefully they won’t be as essential as they sometimes were (for me) in TPS, using a shock laser to take down the Sentinel’s shield, for example.

The other thing is the apparent slide attack that many trailer analysts pointed out. This is simply a fear of the unknown thing for me, I’ve never played a game with a slide attack, so I don’t know the mechanism or how to integrate it into play. My cardinal rule is the fewer things you need to remember in combat, the better, and adding a new attack mode will confuse me and I guarantee I’ll hit the wrong button/key at the wrong time.
What are you fretting about?


And i really hope gun crafting isn’t added


Seconded on microtransactions. Not sure I’d mind a crafting system too much, but it would feel somewhat out of place. I’m mostly just nervous about skill trees being lackluster. Specifically, a character “pulling and Aurelia” and having two skill trees that rely almost completely on co-op and/or one weapon type that is really only used situationally.

I’m not a huge fan of sniping in the BL games as most enemies in an area that allows for sniping don’t come out until you get close. IDK, that’s just my playstyle though. I know people have found nifty/good uses for snipers.


I’m worried about microtransactions as well.

As long as it’s for cosmetic stuff, (Like in Overwatch.) We should be fine.


This sums up my own thoughts really well.


Having to buy the most expensive physical edition to pre-order all the DLC.

Because I’m definitely not giving EGS payment information. Even if they stop the delightful rootkit behavior they have currently going - I mean I’m sure it’s all totally legit market research that just looks like malicious software 101 - I am not giving out that.

  • Microtransactions
  • to be able to modifier or even craft weapons yourself
  • unbalanced (Raid-)Boss battles because of cryo AND slag (if slag returns)
  • Krieg is not included in anyway

I’m not sure about weapon crafting, but modifying weapons, swapping out parts, is definitely in the game.

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I totally see where you are coming from on this. I loved Aurelia solo. Granted you had to burn a few skill points in the co-op tree to open up a couple damage buffs, but I didn’t feel limited with her

Ditto. Skins, Head Hunter packs, ect is fine, as they are either cosmetic or add content, but hopefully no pay for special weapons garbage


I totally adored Cold Money, but it felt like the only tree that I could work with. Made me feel like she was a one trick pony riding on cold damage. She was one of my favorites to play, but I would have liked to feel like I had more options. I’m just being nitpicky at the end of the day.


Exactly the same haha. :slight_smile:


I’m actually thrilled that the beam weapons and cryo element seem to be coming back for Borderlands 3.

I don’t really have a lot of worries about the game but I do have to admit I’m not a fan of the new Psycho mask redesign. Hoping that there are still some vintage masks floating around Pandora, the new ones just look weird without the nose.


In no particular order

  • Epic Store Exclusive
  • No Endgame at Launch
  • Poorly Written Story
  • Parts System being too similar to the previous games.
  • MTX (depends on how reasonable it is).

It could literally be a kingdom hearts x Telltale hybrid, with 500 movies and quicktime events, and I would buy it. if it were on steam.


My major worry is this being epic store exclusive.

I will preorder the deluxe edition with season pass for both xbone and steam but if it is epic exclusive I will not be purchasing. I’ve been waiting for this for soo long too that I’m just hoping this is unfounded fear.

I do worry a little about possible microtransaction issues.

I hope for s good game like borderlands 2 and not like the presequel which just wasnt as good.

I have a few balance concerns but allmost everything except the epic store exclusivity and crazy microtransactions probably wont stop me from purchasing at least 2 different copies for myself and several for friends and my kid.

  1. Epic Store Exclusive
  2. Game Progression – By this I mean BL2 followed the established pattern Beginner/Middle/End meaning you had to complete the game on NVHM then TVHM and then finally UVHM. This is Tedious. One of the few things that D3 got right, in the end, was one playthrough with a variable toughness scale that allows you to reach the max level in one play through.
  3. Itemization – BL2 and D2-LoD are the benchmarks for itemization in a game. BL2 did it will gun parts. D2 did it with TC and clearly delineated weapon types that had a corresponding Unique varient. Whatever BL3 has it had better make sense and be interesting. D3 got this one horribly wrong in my opinion.
  4. Story and Humor – Humor, in particular, is something that Borderlands did well up to the Pre-Sequel. I hope they get it right again.
  5. Solo Play – For the most part BL2 got this right. But in the end they were making content that was targeted at forcing people to play in groups. Not my cup of tea.

I am sure I will think of more…


Dear god no. Let no part of that dumpster fire near borderlands.


I prefer the N/H/U modes myself and hope it returns.

Microtransactions mean nothing to me as long as there are no exclusive weapons/shields/skills available. I don’t care if they want to do xp pot/cosmetics.

Story/Humor is a big concern considering they lost an important part of the B2 team that was a big part of that.

Beam weapons mean nothing to me. I didn’t need or use them in TPS so I just won’t use if I don’t like them here.

Farming items is a concern. TPS screwed this up huge so hopefully they learned from that mistake and they go back to B2 version which TPS eventually went back to.

Scope of game. They have had a long time to focus on this and after AC: Odyssey I am hoping Gearbox went overboard on the scope and gave us multiple planets to visit with multiple areas. Maybe a little more open instead of 1 path.

The biggest thing for me is hoping that they keep the skill system from BL2 and not TPS. I felt like I had more options for character builds from BL2 and couldn’t hit as many trees.

Krieg needs some sort of offspring to play.


Just had a nightmare thought. What if, after the 6 months exclusive is up, it hits steam, right? but then the steam download just directs you to download epic.


hmm…did I say that I hope BL3 is like D3? Nope. I personally do not like having to play through the same thing three times to get to max level with each. So I do not want it to be like that. sehenry10 does like it and one of us will be a bit sad with the out come. I think that is one thing that we can all expect. That some aspect of the game will be off what we are hoping for. Hopefully, for all us, is it something minor and we have another game that we put 500 or so hours into (or longer for some of you nut jobs).