What are you worried about in BL3?

Warframe IMO also has one of the better player cash shops. Though that opinion might be slanted a bit between being one of the founder members of the game when it was still just a beta and dropping one of those 75% or it might have been higher at the time login coupons then dropping $100 into the store and ending up with enough platinum to instant build my entire clan’s dojo, buy a bunch of random stuff in store, and still have a ton left over. So between nearly everything outside of various cosmetics being accessible in game with time investment and getting a mountain of in game currency at a nearly non existent exchange rate… yeah XD

I fear that Krieg and the other Vault Hunters of BL2 will be considered bottom of the barrel to the new batch. I dunno, but I feel like BL2 VHs should be kinda top of the food chain. Also I fear that a portion of the BL2 hunters might be dead or dark side.

Another concern is that I’m afraid that a lot of the guns that were old favorites (Bessie, Dove, Hellfire) will either not be back or will be brought back in a gimped state.

Couldn’t agree less. I adore the VHs from BL2, but I don’t want any one game to have characters made that I purposefully like less than a previous game’s. I already love Amara and Zane being Irish has really helped make me keen on the bloke. The BL2 cast will always have a special place in my heart, but I always want to find myself enjoying/appreciating the new characters in any game I play/ thing I watch/ etc. If I enjoy them more than the old ones, all the better.

I may have misinterpreted what you meant though. If you meant it more like, they’ll be treated as background noise in this game… yea, that would kinda suck. I wouldn’t say the track record is bad though given how integral the BL1 vault hunters were to BL2.

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I don’t want them to be forgotten in the new Era. My feelings are that if the new guys are too much more powerful, it would make the previous batch seem inconsequential. Make their accomplishments seem meaningless. Take Krieg and Salvador for example. Borderline unkillable tanks make exclusively for decimating hordes. There’s also the fact that I would feel hurt if some of these characters received a dishonorable or BS death.

My point is that I feel like the games as a whole have relatively bad power differences in characters between the games themselves. It’s a power fantasy yes, but the difference are quite extreme. Makes past accomplishments seem like nothing.

My secondary point, but one I care more about, is that I feel genuinely good weapons from past games will be completely disregarded. Like the Anti-Materiel rifle in the Bessie. Specifically, and perfectly, made for taking out badasses. Or the absolute buzz saw of the Serpens. We saw what happened to the “Successors” in the Hawk Eye. It was bittersweet. It felt like a callback until every other Jakobs SR surpassed it to a borderline painful degree.

All in all, I just feel like the BL2 hunters might be taking a sideline (either in plot or accomplishment) and old weapons are going to have their memory disrespected. I’m a writer and I make sequels to stories that will likely never see the light of day. To make it perfect in my mind, I feel it necessary to make the succeeding characters better in some regards and worse in others. So that none are truly “Apex Predators”. I hope you understand the point that I made WAY TOO COMPLICATED.

I also want expansions on character back stories. Otherwise, they feel like hollow husks.

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Much appreciated!


Okay, I see your concern. I think there’s a problem with your logic though. You’re comparing characters from written works to character from successive video games. The VG genre is far different from other story mediums. If I’m understanding you correctly, you’d say that characters from BL1 seemed underpowered once introduced as NPC’s in BL2 (in comparison to the BL2 vault hunters).

Two problems with this logic:

  1. In most instances game dev’s never want the player to feel like NPC’s are more powerful than they are because players like their power trips.
  2. Devs always want to improve and add more skills/weapons/etc into their sequels because those things feel like solid improvements from a player perspective. This kind of thing usually doesn’t seem gradual, it’s usually a big leap forward in tech and learning what worked and what didn’t work in their previous game. This doesn’t happen in written works like books. Changes in power are much more subtle and gradual and everyone’s working from the same playing field.

Not at all what I’m saying. See why I said that I over complicated it? My meaning is that the actual gaps between games is odd to me. Call me old fashioned, but I feel weird about it. I wholeheartedly believe that the next generation should be more powerful (that’s just logical, given the fact that successors should have some kind of advantage), but not so much that it makes the previous generations seem like their accomplishments are irrelevant. And games are very much written works too. Much like a book, they require good writing and pacing. Games are pretty much interactive books. Except my favorite game series (Metal Gear Solid) being an interactive movie.

And as I said before, I would be far more bothered if the BL2 Vault Hunters were left to the sidelines in the new group. Like if they just ignored the characters. Example. Say if another sequel to Splinter Cell with a new guy. I want him to be better, but earn that. I would also hope that they just don’t ignore everything Sam did in the past.

Then there’s my baby, the Bessie, being slaughtered by BL2 in the form of Hawk Eye. I swear, I just keep further complicating my statements. As for my earlier point, it’s not like I’m expecting “Hurr durr yallz wek”. That would be idiotic. I guess what I’m saying is that I want growth and progession to feel more natural. I don’t generally like the “I’m you but better” trope.

Ah, gotcha. Ya, that doesn’t bother me much because I always want characters in sequels to feel quite a bit more powerful. If they feel too much on the same playing field then it’s kind of a let down to me. But power doesn’t always mean “mOrE POWER! MUHUHAHAHA!” Sometimes power comes in the form of more choices. That seems to be the route they’re going with this game since we’ll have 3 action skills to choose from instead of just one.

I completely agree with you here. If they’re ignored entirely that would be sad.

Sorry for making that super drawn out. Lol

Maybe what you’re trying to say is “Honor your past but strive to surpass it”?

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Yes. Thank you.

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Noticed this while watching the gameplay a minute ago…
That seems like a pretty lazy shotgun. It appears to be a Jakobs, but It doesn’t look like it has much kick or impact. Not many of the guns look like they have a lot of impact or weight to the come to think of it. The first shot doesn’t seem too bad. IDK, maybe I just need the controller in my hands, but the recoil looks somewhat reduced (mostly on that second shot given how it just gently glides up at the same rate it lowers back down). I just hope the guns FEEL like I’m holding a tool of obliteration and not a pop-gun from the dollar store.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTmJJ8dBT9U

  • Mostly Microtransactions
  • Maybe a story that is weaker then BL2
  • But for the most worst thing i can think off is Stadia. I wanna buy Stadia SO bad, but i am worried about the co-op connection, because Stadia is constantly downloading/streaming data to your Chromecast. So i hope that co-op won’t be affected very badly. Because i want (a side from my PS4) Stadia so bad (just the potential to play BL3 anywhere anytime)

I actually also got more worried about the gun feel after seeing the recent footage, not less

  • maybe the gunfire volume simply isn’t high enough?
  • Maybe there isn’t enough kickback? (the crosshair doesn’t have to have recoil to have a nice chunky animation for shooting)
  • That atlas gun’s reload animation seems weightless and weird. Why does the clip practically float like a leaf on a gentle breeze?
  • Maybe the lack of enemy flinching or ragdolls? Mostly the lack of ragdolls, for some reason they seem to prefer canned animations and gibs, which are cool, but so are ragdolls.
  • Maybe the gamepad aiming? Jesus it’s horrible even to just look at. It feels like I’m watching a narcoleptic robot, not a high-octane action hero. Please take a damn M+KB to your shows, Gearbox, come on man.

There’s something fishy going on, because the sound effects in the E3 trailer are straight ear nectar, so I know they know how to do this stuff. I’m hoping it really is mostly just a question of volume.


The aiming thing may have also been an issue with the person actually playing. I found myself getting annoyed watching it because the person playing seemed to behave like a dog going spastic because you dumped out a container full of tennis balls and cant figure out which one it wants to go after first.

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I’ve also noticed this, not just in the E3 presentation. Whoever is playing these never finishes kills, just runs and guns until eventually every enemy dies. It’s arguably more entertaining to watch, but at the same time, it’s a niggle in my mind because I know that nobody actually plays like that.

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From all of the articles I have read so far, it sounds like the gunplay has been drastically improved. Several articles I have read said the gunplay feels heavily modernized and that BL2 feels archaic in comparison. I even read an article somewhere where one of the GBX designers was praising Destiny’s shooting (rightfully so) and saying how they took some inspiration from there. I think the gun feel is going to be great from what has been said by those that have played it, so I wouldn’t be too concerned by some videos alone.

Backpack space.
I Want, no, NEED! More backpack space!
You give us a bazillion guns but only 37 inventory slots… Madness!
No less than 100 will do! Especially with the capabilities of the current gaming hardware.

Make it so.


I’m worried I will lose my job and my wife when I lock myself in the mancave , but as long as my dogs don’t leave ill be ok :slight_smile: