What are you worried about in BL3?

I don’t want full gun crafting but I’m nit picky enough to say I just want to be able to change scopes on my weapons. I just don’t like the looks of certain scopes


I worry about it slipping down that ugly slope of “games as service”. Although there’s no indication B3 is headed that way, I can’t help feeling burned these days. Bethesda and Bioware went this route, to a certain degree, recently and churned out some pretty lukewarm games. I just want this to be the same familiar formula as B3 with new weapons, story, and environments, maybe some tweaks to the old mechanics. All the rest is just window dressing.


Don’t think of BL3 like that unlike fallout 76 and other games this won’t be a scam for everyone’s money most likely because all of the borderlands games released have had good popularity and then you have the Borderlands 3 Which is supremely hyped up this game actually has some pretty good potential .
So i can understand the worry but i bet that BL3 will be great and the mechanics there are some new. And there will be 87 Bazillion Guns !!! Not to mention it has a very good fanbase behind it. Not to mention it has been very good at the single-Player co-op type of games . Seeing them create several games 2k and gearbox im sure will do amazing similar to , Bl1 and Bl2

Hope so…I can’t wait for this game!

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The main difference to my mind is that other recent offerings mostly veer to the MMO/PvP side of things (or tried to force-fit them in to games series which historically did not do that), and that’s a tough audience to please. That’s never been part of the Borderlands DNA, and it’s obviously been very successful (TPS notwithstanding - that’s a whole different issue.) So no, I’m not unduly concerned about the game sliding that way.


I hope that there is a legitimate dedication to skill balancing this time around. It blows my mind that so many of the skills that were completely broken by the end game scaling (UVHM) were never fixed or rebalanced, sometimes leaving entire skill trees in the dust and limiting build diversity. Even the few that were touched upon took YEARS to be readjusted. That can’t happen this time around.

Speaking of end game, I hope we get some real “end game” activities that you can only do at max level; that aren’t just “replay the same campaign for the 5th time”. This is an area where they could really learn from something like Diablo in my opinion, since that is the loot style game that BL is most similar to.

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Well TPS was way better on that and they learned more from that, and learned even more from creating 30 characters with skill trees that had to balance in PVP for battleborn.

So since they have already shown improvement, I think we are in good hands.


Two things; one minor, one biggie

  1. getting used to the new Claptrap voice. I love that the character is back, but change is hard

  2. Relevant, and interesting main story and side missions. As much as I love BL2, I felt the DLCs were more and more goofy. Weird and crazy is cool, but goofy less so. This one is HUGELY subjective.

As for the “M” word transactions: Skins and character related cosmetic are fair game to me. They have said no on the Predatory stuff, so Im cool with it

BL3 already preordered so I’m in no matter what


Point 1: Yeah, that’s a bummer. I loved Eddings’ voice acting and the new voice is ok but it’s just not the same. But after what happened between Pitchford and Eddings on Twitter etc… I don’t want to take sides here because I don’t know what happened, but working together again after that seems impossible.

Point 2: I for one liked the goofiness. I quite enjoyed all that silly facepalm chuckle stuff and I’d love to have more.


late response here but anyway

find a middle ground between BL1 and TFTB … Brick randomly playing a saxophone

yes the dev trailer was presenting the ridiculous/absurd side of the Game but with the Mask of Mayhem they showed that aside of that it’s also definitely getting ■■■■■■■ serious.

right now it seems a lot like Farcry new dawn but I hope its just me that sees it

Just you.


Looks stunning, looks vivid, looks fast and fluid there are so many great things to say about this game. I am concerned that it is too complicated to play. I’m older than most, I had a hard time coming to terms with BL2 after BL1 and now with BL3 it seems that maybe I have to develop such a deep understanding of the mechanics of the game in order to have fun with it. So many variables, so many new things. In the old game I could never understand Krieg or Gauge and all the stacking stuff and how it worked. It looks to me now like everything is hard to do just like they were. I just want to pick up a gun have fun and move through the game at a steady pace. Sorry if that does not sit well with others but I am finding myself overwhelmed watching others play the game. I am worried that If I don’t know the best way to play it then I am going to have a hard time and possibly get frustrated and end up not liking it. I know it is early days and we have only seen so much but it is so much and there is still so much more to come.

Gaige is my main on Borderlands 2, but I am only 67. I hope when I get to be older I can still keep up :grin: Honestly, I don’t keep up with it all, but I still have fun.

Going from Borderlands to Borderlands 2 was amazing, I just hope that Borderlands 3 measures up and is a Borderlands game and not something else with the title. I don’t watch much in the way of game play, saw that bit when the game was announced, like what I saw, but I want to discover the game myself.

So, I guess the following are what I worry about:

Micro Transactions (like in Borderlands 2 is fine).

Not being a Borderlands game in game play (but looks like it is, yay)

Not releasing on Steam (because and people’s tantrums and review bombing), I can wait the six months but worry about it never being on Steam.

Dang, you’ve got me beat to my 61. I think we need to petition Gearbox for new OP levels, where OP is Old People without super-Twitchy reflexes.


Wow dude. You were almost right on the nose when you wrote this back in early April. One is a rehash of Maya’s ability and then we have the grounslam (that apparently you find boring). At least you’ll have one new skill to play around with (though I personally think it looks like the most boring one of the bunch).

Old People levels? I can see it now, “looking for team, no OP” LOL

I suspect there are more of us than you might think and some may be OG (Original Gamers) :smiley:

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Yeah, the phasecast line is probably the most boring of the bunch after we finally got to see stuff in action. Just a single projectile that further down the line can have different effects added to it when it hits stuff. Now, if it was something like you threw it out and it locked an enemy in place as it beat on them until they died and then could move on to a new target, that would be kinda cool at least, if still a super passive ability.

Back in april the description we had of it made it sound kind of similar to lilith’s action skill from 1(“self projection” made me think of projecting yourself and moving around invisible/unhindered like phasewalk)

While I’m still not big on groundpounds as a skill in general(“You jump up and then smack the ground” has just never been a skill/ability I enjoy in any game), Downfall(amara shoots lasers before slamming down) at least sounds like it could be interesting and the rest of that tree is more melee focused and leads to a melee override I’m looking forward to.

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Honestly, I’m a fan of Deliverance. Sure, it’s no Phaselock/grasp, but in a heavy fight where you can line up several targets it’s gonna (seemingly) wreck stuff. That’s especially true if Laid Bare also triggers from the homing projectiles. Just have a crowd become vulnerable and either on fire or corroded.

I’ll admit that line attacks aren’t my preference, but if DnD has taught me anything it is to fear the line and cone… also, mimics suck, but mostly the “dragon breath effect”.

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First one I played (that I didn’t type in myself) was the dungeon crawler Temple of Apshai in 1979. It came with a paper booklet that provided the descriptions of the rooms and the loot in each room since they couldn’t fit that in 16k of memory. We’ve come a way since then.

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