What are you worried about in BL3?

Review bombing was a result of steam’s review system not giving players an option to rate a developer or publisher over a largely unfavorable decision coupled with the gaming population they upset with the decision trying to find a way to make said publisher/developer notice that their customers weren’t happy with it. I think the most recent target of this was Rocket League after Epic bought the studio then either hinted at or openly stated it was getting pulled off Steam to be an EGS exclusive. Though they claim they will still support the steam version for players that bought the game already.

After looking over THQ’s sales report a worry I have now is that being an EGS exclusive is going to cause issues with how readily Gearbox puts more funding into BL3 in regards to DLC as the responses given when probed about EGS sales for titles like Metro Exodus were answers that didn’t really answer the question and looking at the way the responses were worded it seems like the sales for them on the platform exceeded the expectations they had, however were nowhere near what they probably would have been on unit count if it sold on steam based when reviewing sales distribution by platform as the previous games sold less copies on console than on PC and with exodus they reported consoles generated more revenue despite EGS’s 88/12 revenue split.

First on I played, as Adventure, no I did not own the computer, 1976. First thing I played at home, was Pong.

“Review bombing was a result of steam’s review system not giving players an option to rate a developer or publisher over a largely unfavorable decision coupled with the gaming population they upset with the decision trying to find a way to make said publisher/developer notice that their customers weren’t happy with it.”

Say WHAT? So, do you give bad reviews for a car because the roads you drive it on are not maintained? That review system is for reviewing the game, not your fee fees about a business decision made between two companies. There is social media, they are on there, there is email, they have it, there is this forum, 2K has the same things. There are many ways to let a publisher or developer know you are not happy, the most effective one is keep your money, the really notice that one. Flipping out like a baby in need of a diaper change helps no one, you don’t get people to change what they are doing that way, they instinctively push back and things get worse. Some people need to grow up.

As to Steam’s review system, have you checked out Epic’s, or is there one better, who has a review system other than Steam?


How sweet…
You underestimate the pettiness of people, plus consider this: what if road maintenance is done by car manufacturers, and the best way to get their attention is to write bad reviews about them? (Your example isn’t very accurate, anyway: it isn’t the road that’s bad, it’s the actual car. What the road has is little car-review booths at every corner, that’s what people are abusing)
People don’t care about the rational, sensible options you laid out, they abuse everything they can.

I can’t speak to AAA publishers, but for indie games, I know for a fact the steam review score is hyper important. I doubt the case is THAT much different with AAA games, it probably can result in loss of money. Obviously it’s not “fair” to use reviews this way, but like I said, it’s a hell of a lot more effective than some angry tweets.

In any case, Steam now has a system in place to prevent it.

Epic store has no review system. If you want something better, I’d say the best route is the same as it’s always been: look up reviews from several places, do a bit of research involving both professional critics and the general public.

No, I don’t under estimate the pettiness of people, I know they are very petty.

You want a better one? Ok, would you trash talk the companies truck because their eccono box was trash?

You are right, it’s not fair to misuse the review system. There are too many other ways for the to express their displeasure.

I would say both the review bombing and angry tweets would fail, REASONABLE expression of disappointment goes a lot better. You put people on the defensive, they become less likely to work with you.

Right, Epic has no review system, and as far as I can see none of the others do. So, people blaming Steam for the review bombing because they don’t have a way to review the publisher/developer is weak, considering they have more than the others.

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Publishers already don’t work with us. They have made it rather clear that they just want to milk not only us, but the developers making games. I don’t condone nor condemn review bombing, I wish there was a more elegant method, but I definitely don’t feel sorry for the likes of Take 2, EA, Activision, Warner Brothers, or Ubisoft. I feel sorry for the developers of the games, whose hard work is unfairly labelled bad, except oh wait, they aren’t the ones already obscenely rich and still finding ever new ways to **** off customers, and aren’t the ones (directly) losing money because of bad reviews anyway (except when the publisher mandates it).
I’d say the ones it does affect directly deserve to have something to fear (and let’s have no delusions of grandeur either, they’ll still pump out Madden/NBA/FIFA Last Year+1, every year, and be laughing all the way to the bank, regardless of some review bombs).

Keep in mind I’m only arguing about the method of review bombing in itself. The reasons for review bombing have definitely been dumb on a fair few occasions

You make it sound like the review bombing was Steam’s fault. That Steam doesn’t have developer/publisher ratings is no justification for abusing their game review system.

It’s meant to help potential buyers decide if the game is for them or not, and actually I think it’s unfair to them to bomb a great game’s ratings. There are always potential new BL2 players and they might have a great time with it, and I don’t think it’s right to scare them off BL2 for whatever Gearbox/2K do with BL3. Ironically, people scaring off potential new players while they continue playing BL2 themselves.

But again, it didn’t even achieve anything as Steam understandably took countermeasures because they don’t like their game review system being abused for unrelated stuff.

As for Amara’s action skills, I’m not sure how they’ll turn out in the final game, but two passive skills have caught my attention, Guardian Angel and Avatar. Guardian Angel gives you an instant second wind (with a 60s cooldown), Avatar lets you use your action skill twice per cooldown. These two seem massive to me.

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As for things I’m worried about, I hope BL3 is not getting too self-referential/fan servicey. I guess there’s a temptation to do that given the cult status of some things Borderlands, and in the gameplay reveal Claptrap seemed a little too self-referential to me. It seemed like it was shouting “woo Claptrap, oh look it’s Claptrap and look he’s dancing lol”. As in, more referencing past stuff for its own sake than doing something new.

TPS was to some extent guilty of it. Duke Nukem Forever may serve as the worst example as for the most part it was just some huge pile of self-reference and forgot to make a good new Duke Nukem game.

Then again, everything else I’ve seen at the gameplay reveal seemed alright, so I guess I don’t have to be afraid.


To be fair, that feels like the entirety of Claptrap’s character anyways. Like he just is a walking talking meme

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To some extent, true I guess. Still I felt Claptrap was more original in BL2 than those parts in BL3. But then again, that was a promo event with high pressure to deliver fan service, so I’ll just let that go and wait for whatever they throw at me in the final game.


Those 2 are massive, but I don’t think that they will be too strong. Guardian Angel’s cooldown is long enough to not make encounters trivial, it just gives you a Second Wind when you get ambushed.

Avatar on the other hand basically halves her Action Skill Cooldown, but depending on how you can use them, it will play out different. We might get 2 activations, while your cooldown starts after the first use. That way you could use the 2 activations however you like. The more restrictive way would be to start your cooldown after the second action skill use. But that doesn’t fit the wording of the skill.

My guess is that Avatar will play like the former. That way its basically a big DPS buff for her action skills and a general buff for all her related skills. It will probably be her “Release the Beast” but working with all her skills, not just one particular playstyle. I personally would like if they gave the second action skill a small damage penalty, just for balancing reasons. A minus of 20% should be enough.

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I don’t think of it as an incentive to die all the time, just an incentive to aggro, as would fit the concept of Amara. As in, you can attack, go into close combat knowing you’ll get a great chance to survive and back off when things go wrong.

Yes, thats true. But the same goes for Avatar as well, especially considering that Soulsap is in the same Skill Tree. Being aggressive gets rewarded if you can just quickly refill your health with 2 short bursts from your Action Skill.

More of an oversight by Steam really. For the most part people wanted to review bomb gearbox or 2k over the EGS exclusive decision however because the only access they had was game titles they went with that.

Having a rating for the developers and publishers would be nice tbh as there are quite a few instances in the past where a dev or publisher that was generally disliked did put out very good games people enjoyed.

At the same time for many of the larger ones doing this would be an exercise in futility because they just don’t care until they start losing money then find ways to shift the blame elsewhere. Such a system would probably benefit smaller or indie devs the most that are building a name for themselves.

If you ultimately want to place a blame on the review bombing of BL2 though it would be with 2K and their decision to take the fortnite money offered to be a timed EGS exclusive as they should have had a good idea how that was going to be received after the metro exodus launch and they went with it anyway.

im worried about them calling all bosses invincible when they clearly dont have any immune damage mechanics, really bugs me when devs cant think of things imaginative to help players decern what kind of boss it is. or calling everything a raid boss when clearly some where guardians. i really want names that matter so i know what monsters loots tables and mechanics are like.

I hope the game has a healty online play. I hope there will be no gibbed, or similar editors. In a game of looter shooter, I expect the drops have a meaning. Duping should not be possible.

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