What are your 3rd anniversary plans?

September 18th is a Friday.

I have to work that day, but I’m planning on doing something BL2 for the evening. Maybe start a new character and keep playing as long as possible? Maybe do a “found/reward weapons only” run? Turn off BAR and relive the excitement? Not totally decided yet.

What about you?

We’re going to do what we always do, Pinky, take over the world! In other words, I’m going to shoot bad guys, many, may times while looking stylish as I do it. :dukecheese:

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Ah, the “Dapper Gent” look. then?

Something like that.


Since it will be the day before Talk Like a Pirate Day I’ll probably talk like a pirate in all the online games I join. The 19th I think I’ll stick to the Captain Scarlett DLC.

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I don’t have a screenshot, but Maya’s “Nisha” cosplay head with the Gearbox Community day skin looks really sharp, too.

Eat empanadas, drink chicha, have some anticuchos… Sept 18 is our national holiday. AND THAT MEANS ONE WHOLE WEEK OF BREAAAAAAAK.

AND ONE WEEK OF FARMING N’■■■■. If we don’t decide earlier to go somewhere.

Nothing- I’ve only been playing for for just over 2 years… :grin:

Three year anniversary, drop rates have been increased by three, farm every boss and unique enemy three times and see what we get. And three doctors orders runs I guess.

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I roll with that all the time, It looks awsome !

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Some time ago, I started making gameplay videos to get me psyched to play the game (much like the promotional videos that Gearbox produced do). If I start uploading now, one may be viewable by then.