What are your BL3 hot takes?

YESSS. Ava’s being groomed to be a wonderful villain. Like her father before him. Ava with command of Sanctuary and Crimson Raiders, the evil writes itself.


honestly that would be a nice one
making het turn evil and next game we are on the opposite to the current crew as like half of them deserted or something

im sure alot of ppl not only would accept this, they would propably also have no issues just going along and shooting themselves through half of the cast of bl3

Dedicated mobs should have some kinda achievement progress bar. When u kill em.a certain x you get sent a mail of their weapon

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Depending on how you interpret the cutscene of him getting a glimpse of the future in TPS, Angel may not have been capable of (or willing to) fully charging the Key, at least not without it potentially killing her. The only way to get Lilith out of hiding was to get to Roland, and the Vault Hunters were the means to that end.

The other thing that they could flesh out, that is implied, is that Angel was being as deceptive with Jack as she was with the Vault Hunters. His M.O., in his own words, was to get people to take the most dangerous risks for him. He was set to use the Eye of Helios to wipe out the Bandits, thanks to the Vault Hunters efforts in BL1. He was able to find out about the Warrior to do the same in TPS, thanks to his Vault Hunters, and no thanks to the original VHs.

When we consider that the Crimson Raider plan was to just control the Warrior themselves wasn’t that great either. In general, there haven’t been any good plans in any of the games.


if they ressurected Roland here in 3 at the end… I would cry irl and prebuy 4.

Only if the character is remodeled to resemble and voiced by Kevin Hart :smiley:


Thats horrible i dont want roland to be a midget! ;_;…

I like Kevin i really do but… Rolands a big tough soldier tall n all

Maybe it’s because I played Krieg alot, but I don’t remember Roland being all that tall. Not saying he’s as small as Kevin though.

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So. This is actually an interesting thing to say.

Like. There’s some things in BL2 that you have to look at and decide: is this bad writing? Or is this something about the character I should acknowledge?

Big case: Angel never wanted to stop Jack. She just wanted to die, and have someone take her place. Angel and Jack are both supposed to be sociopathically good at knowing how to manipulate people. It’s a family trait that they share. So.

Angel didn’t warn Lilith why she wasn’t supposed to come because she wanted her to come.

Or is it just badly written?


Regarding the newest hotfix, lowering world drops is a good thing, but should only impact bosses/enemies with dedicated loot.

World drops were only really annoying when farming for dedicated gear from bosses. Trying to farm for a Monarch and getting a ton of drops only for them to be world drops was beyond frustrating. However, world drops from random mobs was always fun in Mayhem mode. Running the slaughter shaft felt like a grab-bag type of farming. A sort of “see what I can get”. It was different than farming for specific dedicated drops because you were mobbing.

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Holy crap, they made me eat crow.

Judging by the accompanying interview, Maya’s funeral never made it out of the original script: the voice acting and the animatic were made for the Director’s Cut specifically.

Do I believe they didn’t adjust the script to address Ava’s character backlash? No.
Is the sad piano music trying hard to tearjerk? Yes.
Does it feel constructed, an afterthough? Yes.

But it’s also so damn good. I might make a petition on the forums for them to add it, or make a proper animation, something.



Hot take: BL franchise could benefit by introducing mechanic of the companions from games like Outer Worlds and Fallout. Imagine having Lorelie as your companion while on Promethea. Wainwright while on Eden 6. Perhaps those companions could even give benefits to the player(s) while they are part of the team. Perhaps, they could even be recruited after completing main story.

On second thought: Clay would be better suited on Eden 6.

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One more: DLC 5 and 6 are lackluster DLCs. But they are great headhunters.

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Another hot take: While I enjoyed both the Cut Content scenes for Ava/Maya/Lilith. Their timing and how they almost seem to fix every complaint feels a little too convenient. Was this really done early on and cut, or were they created after the year of backlash? :thinking:

Just my opinion though


I can agree with the point that DLC 5 was weak but DLC 6 was stuffed with solid content and is generally being praised by everyone that’s played it


My hot take.

It’s good, well worth the money.

The boss is a little too easy for an OP built character…but it’s still good.

The additional story content is great.

And all the other stuff is a move in the right direction.

The additional loot for arms race surprised me and I hope that is a trend that will continue.

New loot is the only thing that would keep me replaying arms race. Glad they recognized this concept.

The game still needs a lot of rework and additions on its end game.

Just a whole bunch more classic raid boss headhunter packs with a new Raid boss and a couple new weapons would be fantastic. And they need to rework the trials so that they are more compelling for replay.

I keep going back to BL2 and looking at how many replayable Bosses and activities that game had for endgame. And the comparison is still not even close. BL2 wins by a mile.

But this is a move in the right direction and if they continue along this line that would be fantastic!


I think that the drop rate adjustement is good because it is coherent with the many options we now have to get legendaries and the option to reroll anoints. In addition I think it is still fairly generous compared to bl2. As for the rebuttal about Class mod and relics, I consider it is acceptable rng , it is normal in a loot game that some elements take longer to get perfect, you can play with an imperfect relic/com until you get a better one.

There is no hotter take than that atm :joy:
I just burnt the whole thread to cinders with this post.


Agreed. This would have been the perfect approach. Its amazing to me that us as players easily have known this from launch but Gearbox(who invented loot and shoot) still doesnt get this hugely simple concept. To me its the development teams main roadblock. They cant absorb this because i honestly think they dont play the game.


Nerfing the world drops wasnt a big deal. I find it extremely hard to believe people couldn’t stock up on muskets and bouncing pairs for the last year in which they dropped like candy.

As for the COM/Artifact point, a little more understandable but will speak from personal experience this never helped with getting godroll items. I always ended up farming the dedicated source anyways, as I found farming Graveward in hopes of him potentially dropping the correct COM, and then with the correct rolls ontop of the correct skills, NOT a reliable method in the slightest. Felt more like a bandaid fix (that didn’t fix sh*t, for me at least) than an actual solution to the bigger problem.

If anything, we should be allowed to reroll these items at a preferably cheaper rate than 250, perhaps between 75 - 100 considering how much RNG is involved. Or, rework the dedicated drops so specific COMs arent hidden behind the trials.

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I should have never bought s2. Steam sale all one version…

I should have stopped playing… I was happy pre april 8th now this is my boss.drops post april 8th…

Immsupposed to farm.for.greens?!

Same bugs in mayhem 2.0

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