What are your character master goals?

Been playin nonstop since launch in both PVE and PVP and have gotten a total of 8 mastered characters so far (would have Alani but that stupid kill 25 ambra thing is preventing that so I shelved her until its fixed). I find myself wanting to master them all! So what about you guys. How many will you master? What are your goals for the game? Aditionally I want to get all the legendary campaign rewards but that is proving…difficult after tons of hours.

Characters ive mastered so far, Ambra, Attikus, Benedict, Deande, Kleese, Miko, Orendi and Rath.

I’ve only mastered Galilea, but my two lowest rank characters are 8 and 11. Eventually I’ll master them all, but I’m taking a small break from Battleborn right now so it’ll have to wait for now.

take all chars to lv15

Jack of all trades Master of none :smirk:

Because I’m 70 odd hours in and have only WF maxed with 15/25 OM kills. :neutral_face:

Everything else is coming second to that; meaning the matches I see the need for other chars besides WF - I forfeit myself the chance of an OM match, I go Toby, Kleese, S&A. After any of those I’ll start leveling others eventually.

Gonna get Toby. Eventually. In the distant future.

inb4 everything is coated in chrome

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None. I find the lore challenges too tedious. I rather just get them to rank 15 and move on… Alani is the only character I have rank 15, lol.

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I’ll get everyone to rank 15, and master all the characters that can be mastered with solo or couch co-op PvE play. I don’t have anyone maxed or mastered yet, I’m kinda enjoying changing up characters every mission. I do plan on finishing every story mission solo with each character, hopefully with a silver medal. Eventually hopefully I can do it on advanced and/or hardcore or whatever too for each… that should last me a while.

I tend to just play for the most part and not worry about any of it. Though when i realized I had the last mutation for Ambra, and only had one last lore section to do I made my first actual attempt at focusing on lore completion. Then things weren’t so fun anymore. I’d prefer it if the challenges were things I could just do as I played the game and didn’t have to focus on so much.

I have three, and for now I’m happy with those because I’m (modestly) really good with them. Deande, Thorn, and Phoebe.

I want to learn more complex melee chatacters. I like ISIC and Kleese but truth is I suck at their playstyles so I probably wont master them. My next BB to try to learn are Kelvin, Attikus, and Boldur. They’re all somewhat similar so I’ll choose a favourite and attempt to master at least one.

In the end i want everything.
Up until now i mastered 9/26
ghalt, OM, Marquis, attikus, boldur, orendi, shayne, whiskey and ambra

I’ve only mastered Shayne and Orendi. Got Toby to 15 but his last lore challenge is mechanically impossible so can’t Master him.

Been bouncing between everyone else so not huge progress.

I have mastered all support/healers but alani. She is sitting at 14/15 with all lore but Ambra.

I also have Rath, caldy, ISIC, Phoebe, and oscar mike lore complete with thier ranks all 12+. Once I finish all them, I’ll probably start el dragon and melka.

Just one at most, probably Orendi. I’m a casual player who plays for fun only, no desire to grind for titles.

I have Master of Boldur, don’t care much about other titles, however I’ll likely complete all lore challenges not specifically requiring PvP.