What are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Parts of the Game

Disclaimer: I’m cribbing this idea from something I saw on the Battleborn subreddit, not an original idea to me.

That said, I was thinking, let’s have some discussion. How about, list 3 things you like most about the game, 3 things you dislike the most about the game?


If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all

You cannot list more negatives than positives, so if you can only think of 2 positives, you can only list 2 negatives.

You can list more than 3 positives though, because yay positivity!

I’ll put my list here:

The characters. I really love how much personality they have and how hilarious they are. ISIC is delightfully psychopathic, Shayne & Aurox have an interesting relationship, Montana is the best, Oscar Mike looks like boring soldier dude but he isn’t, just great work all around. I like playing as them, hearing their quips, I like their dialogue in story missions, and I love getting their lore and getting to know more about them. Also, this game has some of the best taunts I’ve ever seen (everything Shayne & Aurox, Kleese dancing, Montana’s inappropriate gesture, etc).

MOBA style of play. I’ve always liked pvp games where there’s more to do besides shooting other guys in the face. Part of this is just in general I like strategic/tactical play, I loved playing Command & Conquer and Fire Emblem back in the day. Part of it is, honestly, I’m not the world’s greatest aim so in any game like Call of Duty, I tend to get creamed. So I really like being able to contribute to my team in other ways besides killing dudes and just enjoy the MOBA play in general.

Inclusion of PvE. So many games have abandoned campaigns/pve that it’s great to see it here. I spend a lot of time in the pvp but I enjoyed the campaign and whenever the pvp gets frustrating, it’s nice that I can pop into a story mission and cool off.

Instant fails. I’m really not a fan of how having a defense objective be blown causes the mission to completely fail and you have to restart from square one. Really think it should just reset at the checkpoint, at least in normal mode. I’d say this is one of the biggest things that keeps me from playing more pve, it just feels like a waste of time if I spend 30 minutes playing a mission only to instant fail right at the end.

Lack of safe spaces. I’m not talking in the political sense, it’s just that I come to BB from other MOBAs like League of Legends and in LoL you can retreat to turrets and usually be pretty safe there. In BB people chase me to the ends of the earth with very little consequence or risk. The number of times a Rath or Phoebe has chased me right in front of the Sentry’s nose and killed me is infuriating. Sentry, do something! Meltdown has the same issue in that you’re never really safe until you’re behind the shield right by your spawn point and by that point you might as well walk to the spawn point, it will take you the same amount of time to walk as to teleport.

No gear drops in pvp. Now, in fairness you get enough credits that you can buy a good number of loot packs. That said, it just really seems like pve is a far superior method for getting gear and I’m not sure that should really be the case. Seems they should both be pretty equal.

P.S. Please excuse my long-windedness, I’m an English major.

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