What are your favorite kind of pistols to use regardless of build?

Just curious regardless of what your specific build is for a character what pistols do you just love using or having. Even if just for specific circumstances. For me it has to be Darts. They are really easy to use for new or just bad aimers. They also let you take out surveryors, and rats and a lot of mobile enemies which are my most hated enemies. Probably not great for a lot of builds as they suck for close range but I really find darts to be really fun to use

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Anarchists all the way!
Its always a sad moment when a character outlevels a good anarchist find.


Anarchist and a Harold.

I always try to find a spot for a good iron, ratatatater, or an anaconda in my bag.
If we’re talking red text pistols, the Veritas, Teapot, and the Pocket Rocket are among my most used.

Funny I always skip over Anarchists. Nothing really bad about them I’ve just enjoyed other ones like darts or Explosive torgue weapons.

are unkempt harolds the strongest pistols? I really love those too. I actually haven’t double weilded with a gunzerker with 2 unkempts but i can only imagine

Someone may disagree, but I would say yes.

It’s like a snow storm of gyro-jets in front of you. It’s beautiful. :acmsmile:


“It’s like a snow storm of gyro-jets in front of you. It’s beautiful”



I’ve had a lot of fun with the Logan’s Gun recently. And of course the Hornet is standard top gear in UVHM. Generally any Jakobs, Vladof, or Hyperion pistol works well for me. A Two Fer Longarm has done excellent work for my TPS characters. Didn’t expect that prefix to be very good for Jakobs, but it’s got enough accuracy to still hit reliably at medium range. Not generally a fan of Bandit pistols (as Jack says, they can’t even spell the word…) but the Gub has served me well.

That’s over in the haiku thread. :smiley:

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Before this devolves into “my favorite pistol is ______”, here’s my list of types (am I missing some here, or is this the wrong division set?) and my answers:

  • E-Tech (darts): these are fun, but not my favorite.
  • E-Tech (spikes): these might be my favorite, but they are (for me) build-dependent.
  • Gyro Jets: fun, but I tend to treat these more like a shotgun and less like a pistol.
  • Repeaters/Machine Pistols: my favorites, regardless of build, fall into this category.
  • Revolvers: fun, but I prefer the higher fire rates of the repeaters.

Stiff Rod
Hard Slapper
Explicit Hole Puncher
Crammed Injector
Intense Hand Cannon



Anarchists, Irons and the Infinity…


Synergy, Vision, Vladof or Hyperion barreled Dahl pistols.
Teapot is always on my bag. Tball Fists is a lot of fun too.


Vladof pistols…just love the fire rate. I do use Infinities as well because it seems like half the time I am about to get a FFYL kill, I have to reload and therefore die instead of shoot my way back to life.

Harold is great on certain builds too but they use a lot of ammo and sometimes makes the game too easy…and much easier to farm via the Torgue vending machines.

Grog nozzle, for the obvious healing reasons.

Lastly, the Hornet. It’s such an easy farm and it melts anything with a yellow health bar :slight_smile:


Of the non-unique pistols, I’m always happy to find a good Synergy. Those little guns are an amazing combination of accuracy and fire rate. Otherwise, I do really enjoy using the Maggie a lot (Mashers were my go to pistols in BL1) and I’ve grown quite fond of the Gub, even if the Hornet is superior in most cases.



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Lady Fist, Harold, and Hornet are essential. I’ve probably got one of those (at least) in everyone’s backpack.

The Jakobs Iron is my favorite pistol in the game.

Now, if we’re talking uniques, I’m with jhunter922 and I’m just gonna call out the holy trinity: Lady Fist, Unkempt Harold and Hornet. All three are extremely powerful, useful and fun to use.

Jakobs Grip, Torgue Sight, (insert prefix here) Maggie!


-Stalker (even if it is like a over excited puppy)
-Jakobs Iron or Unforgiven (latter is not perfect but weirdly satisfying to use)

And i think I went through all the pistols (Jakobs makes revolvers but semantics i suppose) I would use.