What are your favourite pieces of gear to use?

Personally I’m an offensive player so I love Jennerit gear, when I play Phoebe I run a green rarity Jennerit gauntlet (9.80% attack damage, 5.60% attack speed for 5 seconds after landing a melee hit) and blue rarity Jennerit boots (5.60% movement speed, 5.60% movement speed for 5 seconds after landing a melee hit)

When I play Thorn however I use a flawed purple rarity syringe with 7.00 health regeneration and 9.80% healing received - This allows me to touch a healing station for a brief moment then re-enter the fight - and my favourite legendary the “Go-Go” Juice, because I love the novelty of stacking 54.80% sprint speed on the fastest character in the game, plus this helps me race to the heal stations and back and farm shards as quickly as possible. I don’t often use Orendi, but I imagine both of these gear pieces would be great on her as well.

But of course my absolute favourite piece of gear is a flawed white rarity shard generator. Because who doesn’t want free shards at the cost of 0 shards?

Hmm, my most used pieces of gear are probably attack speed, reload speed and movement/sprint speed.


My all time favorite item :


Used to run this exact item on my Mellka, it’s fantastic!

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I have a perfect variant of that, I seldom use gunners but it’s always on my OM loadout :slight_smile:

Hell yeah reload speed is one of the best stats in the game for those who use it. This is the one I use:

Attack speed, health regen or extra health, and reload speed. I’ll sub reload speed for sprint/movement speed on melee characters. Vyn’s quiver is the only legendary I use so far, with 21% reload, 5.8% attack speed, and a slow on attack every 10 seconds. It’s amazing on WF. I have a green 700 shard item that nearly every char I use has with 9.8% attack speed with 210 extra health after surviving 180 seconds.

I use it on almost every battleborn… unless the ones that don’t reload (like toby montana & isic)
It’s especially useful on benedict

I’ve been trying to get Vyn’s Quiver, that will replace my current magazine when I get it and I’ll probably use gunners a lot more. I also want the Boots of the Brute for similar reasons.

Do you use attack speed on gunners? Attack speed combined with reload speed creates huge DPS, I know a lot of people say that Caldarius already has fast RoF and reload speed but if you use attack speed gear his reload speed feels sluggush, combine the two and his DPS explodes to ridiculous amounts.

Perfect 0 shard cost whites.

My 1st favorite is an epic Jennerit battery perfect roll: 140 shield, 4.2 skill, -21 reload only costs 756 shards I use it on Thorn/Orendi

2nd favorite is perfect roll Vow of Vengeance: 9.8 attack damage, 5.6 attack speed, stack 0.98 attack damage with every melee hit, Max 10 stacks

No idea of what you call “gunners” nor what is a vyn’s quiver…

After 120 hours those 2 are the best I’ve gotten so far. Not many legendaries are worth there activation cost but vow of vengeance definitely is. It’s soo good on rath, phoebe, el dragon etc

Vyn’sQuiver is +reload speed, +attack damage, attacks will slow an enemy once every 10 seconds. Drops from Gaurdian Vyn in sentinel

I don’t have a Vow of Vengeance yet, I’ve been wanting to get one for a long time though I find attack speed to be far more effective than attack damage so I’d rather run the Jennerit gauntlet I mentioned and a sword (9.80% attack speed) which would be cheaper than a legendary though at the cost of two gear slots.

If I had the Boots of the Brute and Vow of Vengeance then I’d probably run both with a 0 cost shard gear.

Edit: The Vow of Vengeance would probably stack very well with Phoebe’s unique, the Blade Dancer’s Shoes.

I refer to characters who use guns as “gunners” for short.

Oh wow I just looked up boots of the brute…

Those boots plus vengeance = a very happy Rath

I also have the green attack speed and attack damage on melee hit gauntlet may have to try that out

Kinda sad most legendaries aren’t worth using over greens :confused:
Seems… Odd…

I like that lower rarity gear items are still viable, but I agree that most legendaries are inefficient and only a select few are truly special.

The green Jennerit gauntlet is the best for melee chars IMO, they’re better than purples as the secondary effect is always active in combat and a max stat variant green is 300 shards cheaper than a purple.

I agree whole heartedly the one exception I’ve found so far is the epic Jennerit battery I posted a few posts ago, some epics with red text are pretty niiice

Got the quiver, but what I want is the chrono key.

Yes I would loove to use Chrono key on Alani. Ohh lord have mercy, all the cool downs. Be cooler than a brass toilet on the shady side of an iceberg

Stack Chrono key with max stat firmware update yes please