What are your ideas you would like to see implemented in Borderlands 3?

I want Borderlands to be a game that is driven by the creative and unique community it has conceived. I played Borderlands in 2011, which was soon followed by it’s sequal Borderlands 2. I loved the world, story, weapons, characters and everything else this game franchise has made possible. Anyway, I had an idea for an extra feature that could be completely optional, but a fun challenge for those who seek better loot and gear out in the waste.
So, I conceived the “Bounty Hunter” idea. Before I start, if anyone came up with this first and has proof, then by all means let me know and you can have the credit. I just want to get the idea out there! So, this would be an optional side objective for you to do that would come from posters scattered about. Much like the Vault Hunter Bounties you can see in Southpaw Steam and Power, you would find a bounty poster and you could get the option to track the person/creature via your echo. This could be expanded upon, but for now, I’ll leave it at a “Go find and kill level” to keep it simple. The success of these bounties could result in large amounts of money for the kill, a specific legendary set of gear that is unique to the target,(Weapon-Grenade Mod-ClassMod-Shield) and/or even a pearl or sereph? Only one specific item could drop eack kill though as well as world drops.
The enemy could be a beefed up and tough(scaled a few levels above you/Skull) Badass enemy with a unique name and will be found in a “big ass green circle on your minimap.” The enemy also would be pre spawned, so they"ll be found roaming in a general area much like the Tundra Patrol bandit that spawns in Tundra Express.
Also, the bounties could be hinted via announcements coming form speakers in certain areas. Much like the Sheriff of Lynchwood in Lynchwood. She would speak over the speakers talking of bounties for certain characters like Brick, and the something twins. When you heard this, it’d be cool if you could get a notification that would tell you to ask an npc nearby for the wherabouts of the targets location!
Just an idea that I had, but I want to know if anyone else has others that they’d like to share!

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Tiny Tina as a playable character


I agree! What would you want her to play like? Action Skill, playstyle, skill ideas ect…

EXPLOSIONS! not sure what a good action skill would be but she is just too dam funny to remain an NPC

Maybe something like the skill Krieg has that lets him run around and toss bombs instead of going into FFYL but better

I can see her now being an amazing explosive centered character! Like Master Blaster Brick in Borderlands 1… What if she had a capstone that would cause enemies to explode in a slag nova after they have been killed? If the slag nova hits an enemy that is alive, then it will chain causing her to be able to slag many enemies at once if they are relatively close! Also, the slagged enemies would take extra explosive damage on top of the slag bonus? A kill skill could allow her to recieve healing transfusion after she gets a kill using explosives. Like, killing an enemy with explosives will generate 5 healing transfusions that will each restore 15% of your maximum health? Ripped from “Sweet Release”

That would be the shiz

If Tiny Tina is not a playable character, I won’t even look at the trailers!!

Also, an eridian shoud be a playable character, perhaps The Watcher

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She could be so fun, and I agree with an eredian! With that I think they should also bring eredian weapons back from Borderlands 1. They were fun to mess around with as they had infinite ammo ! What ideas would you have for an eredian character action skill? I’m curious to know what it could be!

I’d like to have more possibilities for playstyles inside the skill trees. My idea was to have two tier three gamechangers, but just one could be chosen. When you reach the capstone, you could either take the capstone or the gamechanger you “abandoned” before. You could never take them all!
That way we would get more build diversity and more choices and options as well.

To the OPs idea: i loved the Mob-missions of Final Fantasy XII, so I would love to see it implemented in Borderlands.

A few things that might be interesting…

  • Re-skinable/modified weapons capabilities, like what you can find in games like Fallout and Black Ops. For a certain amount of money/or as a found object…you could add a better scope/barrel/etc. to your favorite gear.

  • Make weapons levels upgradable. For a certain price, you can raise the level of your fav gear.

Possibly these might take a big chunk out of the out of game modifications markets. Possibly.

On a personal note, not a fan of having to purchase characters/heads/skins. Make them unlockable by achievement. Being nickel and dimed in modern gaming is starting to get on my nerves as an adult player.

These are both fantastic ideas! I like the diversity in the skill trees. If you take a look at Derch’s video of the best class in Borderlands as far as balance and diversity goes, you can see how many different ways you can play as Jack’s Doppelganger! I think skill tree’s in the future should follow that layout as it is indeed very diverse, and fun!

Also, the gear is important, so I agree with you on ways to make our gear feel more like OUR gear and on how we could upgrade the lvl! Brilliant, although I think it should be limited so maybe you can only lvl up a gun to the cap for that playthrough.(lvl30 NVHM, lvl50 TVHM, and lvl72 UVHM/OP lvls) That’s an example based on Borderlands 2 though. This would still give players a better reason to farm a boss in UVHM to get that weapon they had in TVHM that was really good. Just a thought, but great idea nonetheless!

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Tiny Tina would be awesome, BUT WHAT ABOUT TORGUE. Oh god, i can already imagine it.

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“THE STOCKS?! AWESOME!!!” Yes, Torgue would be awesome!


Flying vehicles, not hovering… return of the monster and an even faster and “glass” racer.

Moxxi as playable character (dressed in red please)… juicy.
Action skill “Love at burst sight”: moxxi sends #N kisses all over the battlefield that when they hit enemies they stop fighting and after a second or two of praising moxxi and declaring their love to her, they’ll explode in a cloud of pink hearts shouting “Moxxi is love moxxi is life” or “To the Moxxi and beyond! Wahahaha…haa…”;
the trees would be something which:
-turns the action as negative, so enemies instead of loving moxxi, will hate each others getting +###% dmg so they kill each other
-immunity to her friends by applying the skill to the other players, so they gain a temporary invincibility and/or replenish huge health during a good amount of time
-or simply boost the dmg of the skill adding various feelments (elements+feelings) to the enemies and leaving the remaining enemies in the area affected by random feelings from loving mixxi and not attacking to mindlessly perform action (e.g stripping in front of moxxi or her friends or dancing all around, air guitar etc)

I’d like to see an “actual” vending machine added to game.

There is no reason I should have to get up from playing to get a soda.
Bloop that sucka duck out of a usb slot for me.

Customizing color editing options for characters skin and your guns.

More kind of cool and pointless stuff to do with money since you at some point have more than you ever need. Like buy a house and in that house have a place to hang up hall of fame guns (once you hang it up it’s retired and no longer usable). When hung it will show you how many enemies it killed and other random stats from your time using it.

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Like Heartfire for Skyrim? An armoury display of the finest loot received from the most ferocious and invincible enemies on Pandora! Along with a few drops that were either lucky, or earned for the hundreds of times you farmed an enemy. RIP Gettle & Mobley :frowning:

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This was Incredibly detailed and fascinating! I love the idea and would love to play as Moxxi someday! “Careful sugar, that’s strong stuff.” :wink:

This should be a feature, no excuses! It’s 2015 for Claptrap’s sake!!!

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