What are your launch plans?

(Falroth) #1

Are you going to take the day off work? play all day? Pull an all nighter? What are you planning to do on launch day?
I’m unfortunately out of town during the week so I won’t be able to play till the weekend but I’m interested in what everyone’s plans are for the launch.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #2

2 weeks off from work starting on thursday afternoon. Leaves me with over a week of time to play BB.

(badguy5 on YouTube) #3

I’m going to go to work, then come home and ignore my wife all night. lol

(Don’t worry, I’ve already gotten clearance)

(Falroth) #4

HAHAHAH!! You put that in a really funny way, all the power to ya! Sounds like a great night :slight_smile:


I’m skipping school. I don’t want to spend over 4 hours in my math class anyhow. Just gonna head to my local Gamestop when it opens in the morning, get my game (which I’ve already paid off), go home, spend the next 16 hours rotting my brain with Gearbox goodness.

(Demon Child AKA Lady La La) #6

I’ve got two days off of work. Going to stock up on caffeine and sugar and play until I can’t anymore

(Gerard HDZ) #7

I’m supposed to get the week of release off from work. First thing in the morning I’m taking off to GameStop, picking up my preordered copy of BattleBorn and my figure, grabbing lunch and a lot of Monster Energy and snacks from Walmart, and hauling ass back home

(Falroth) #8

My god that sounds amazing

([PC] Peacekeeper) #9

Battleborn comes out on my birthday. I’ll be turning 30. My cousin is getting married later that week, so I advised my family that I’d just catch up with them at the wedding since we’ll all be dressed up and celebrating anyway.

…which means I can spend my actual birthday in my underwear, exploding things in the name of the UPR while drunkenly mashing cake into my face. Because I know how to party.

(Gerard HDZ) #10

the sucky part is the drive to GameStop. I live an a b-hole of a town that doesn’t like commerce so I have to drive for about an hour to get to the GameStop and an hour back

(Closeout) #11

Friends of mine decided to purchase it at launch after playing at PAX so I will do campaign with them on launch night. That weekend I will drive to visit my brother and have a launch LAN Saturday into Sunday. I will probably have to mix time at the LAN between BB and OW though since it will be the more popular game amongst the guests.

(Falroth) #12

Yeah that is rather unfortunate, I hope traffic goes well for you so you can get online quickly!

(Benedicted ) #13

I booked the 3rd and 4th off.

I already pre-warned my girlfriend Battleborn comes out May 3rd so “be ready”.

She’s cool with it though, she keeps asking when is it coming again so she can “be prepared” lol

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #14

I planned to have my first 2weeks holiday since 3years of working through (freelancing is fun…) and will have a launch party with some friends & my fiance.
Have plans for amazing Orendi themed sweets & icecream^^

(Falroth) #15

Oh sweet! I would love to see pictures of the sweets :smiley: lan parties are so fun!

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #16

I definately plan on taking pictures! :smiley: (It will be orange mango icecream with sugarpaste Orendi-hats, chocolate sauce and cream - perfect colorpattern!^^)

Indeed! Though we have a XBone and a huge TV, thats almost as good as an oldschool lan-party.

(Character Designer) #17

It’s gonna be a tough choice between trying to unlock all of Orendi’s mutations or unlocking all the characters from story missions first…

Don’t forget to post pictures of the Orendi ice cream! Do want.

(Gerard HDZ) #18

Shame I don’t have that "special someone " to play BattleBorn with
Ah well, that’s what friends are for, right?

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #19

You say it! I never thought she´d be my main, but I fell so in love with her that I maxed her out during the beta already and cannot wait to do it again! :smiley:

Roger! I´ll make sure you see pictures of it.

PS: Thank you for the great work on the characters - no matter which came from you, they are all great!


I had surgery inside my mouth last week (wisdom tooth removed 5 months ago, and mouth still wasn’t playing nice, so had to cut it all open again and see why), so my face is all bruised and swollen… Would have been nice to have Battleborn now to pass the time, and manage the pain.

I happen to have a review to see if everything is healing the way it should on Battleborn launch day (May 3), so I plan to make my way to my local ebgames at some point that day and pick up my preorder… than I’ll sit comfortably (or uncomfortably, depending on my surgery review results) in front of my TV, and all the Battleborn will follow.

Besides all the normal pesky life stuff that just gets in the way (ugh, good one life!..), I probably won’t be doing anything else in my spare time other than playing Battleborn… Lots and lots of Battleborn… Though must share, must not hog PS4. (Had much sharing with the beta, as partner also wanted to play, and split screen just… Well no - hope it’s improved upon release.)

Another note… Also getting ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ tomorrow (I haven’t played it yet, long time Borderlands fans in this household, but wanted physical disc)… And ‘Uncharted4’ is coming like the week after Battleborn (I’ve only just started the Uncharted series, I’m currently playing 2, have to finish 3 before 4 obviously)… So bring on all the gaming!