What are your launch plans?

(Orendi <3) #21

I thought about taking the day off but there is no confirmation about when the game unlocks, wont take the day off if the game just unlocks mid afternoon, would be wasting a day off.
So in the end ill probably just end up playing when i get home after work, open up the Double Black Label and play until morning.

(Bluehasia) #22

I got ask for that day to see a famous game show that coming to town that day and see a famous movie star hosting it.

i was like nope, Battleborn takes priorities XD

i am also forming a specialized group on discord so people can find someone to play with easy

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #23

I’m not entirely sure what my plans are going to be. Most of the time when I make plans everything goes horribly wrong so I’m just going to wait and see how things pan out. As long as I get to play some Battleborn then it should work out just fine. If not then someone or something going to end up in a world of pain. Probably me. I hate my life.

(Nypyren) #24

Usually Steam games come out just after I get off work, so I’m not skipping work on launch day. Plus, who knows what kind of launch-day issues there will be. Can’t play all night either, since most people will go to sleep and the matchmaking queue would empty out in the wee hours (which happens earlier for me since I’m on Pacific time).

I might take a day off Wednesday if the launch is stable. We’ll see.

(Yuri Ushakov) #25

A week of full-blown oblivion.


Sit feverishly in class Tuesday all the while knowing my better-half is at home enjoying her copy of it and getting a headstart. Come home Tuesday night just to start the download and go to bed. Then somehow force myself to study all week in prep for finals week the following week, pass all my exams on finals week, then finally be able to play on May 13th…FML


Think of it this way: you won’t have to play through the pain of the day one patch and school will help you in the long run… though coming from the guy who is skipping class it might not mean much. I applaud you my friend.

(Ssfjustin) #28

I’m going to do my best in contributing/building the battleborn community in addition to making youtube videos and 16 hour stream sessions.

Goal 1: Race to be the first level 100
Goal 2: DEDICATED long night streams
Goal 3: Don’t die from the lack of exercise

(Falroth) #29

hahahah!! That last goal is important! Hope you achieve all 3 :smiley:

(since CTT) #30

Ahhh, the bliss of being your own boss … :tada: :dukeparty: :tada:

(since CTT) #31

You are a special someone to me, @ArmoredElder :dukeaffirmative:

(Chatterbox420x) #32

My friend and I, are staying up and going to gamestop 15 mins early grab the game… Once, it is downloaded Couch Co-op multiplayer till our eyes bleed… Hopefully if i get the job at the gamestop they’ll give me the day off XD

(badguy5 on YouTube) #33

Despite having read all of this thread already, when it just updated (with @chatterbox420x 's post) I saw the notification as
"What are your laundry plans"

Stupid brain…

(Chatterbox420x) #34

I cannot speak for anyone else, but my laundry plans are put clothes in Dryer than proceed to move them to the dryer XD lmao

(Falroth) #35

HAHAHHA!!! Yeah I was expecting someone to post lunch plans or something on here but so far its been great!

(Benedict Informant) #36

I’ll probably watch the Gearbox server fry on the spot for the first few hours and observe peoples complaining about it on the forum.

Then i’ll play Battleborn.

(Bluehasia) #37

being your own boss, means you get the least time off

(since CTT) #38

True. But - and here’s the beauty - you’re able to shuffle that time around to fit your own prio’s.

(Raizurhk) #39

It kinda sucks as my pre-order copy has turned up already yet i cant play till the servers are online :frowning:

So i gotta sit here and look at the box till the 3rd of may.

(since CTT) #40

Option 1: Enjoi the view :dukestar:
Option 2: Get a life :dukestar: