What are your launch plans?

(wisecarver) #41

I’ll more than likely have it around 6pm on the 3rd, soooo it’s gonna be play till you drop. :slight_smile:


I’m hoping to jump on at midnight, but that still depends on early downloading and servers being 100% ready to go.

(Bluehasia) #43

the question is what time on the 3rd can we play???

for steam users when can we download it?(hour)

EDIT: just learned we can pre download now on steam

(Amedhurst76) #44

What’s a “GameStop”? What’s a physical store?

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #45

I’m going to pick it up on my way home from school, be frustrated that the servers aren’t working, play tf2 until the servers work again, and then play BattleBorn.

(Amedhurst76) #46

I will stare at my dang screen and keep pressing buttons until I get in. I don’t care. I’ve been waiting too long for this day to come.

(Iluspook) #47

Hmm…how many dryers do you have for your clothes? :slight_smile:

As for me, I’ll watch a few shows with my wife Monday night with some snacks and drinks, until the servers are up, Then it’s time for my Miko to heal her Leeroy Jenkins hide as we Battleborn! :smiley:


Launch time zones:

Auckland, NZ
PS4 and Xbox One: May 3 at 12:00AM NZST
PC: May 3 at 5:00AM NZST

Sydney, AUS
PS4 and Xbox One: May 3 at 12:00AM AEST
PC: May 3 at 3:00AM AEST

Hong Kong
PS4: May 2 at 11:00PM HKT
Xbox One: May 3 at 12:00AM HKT
PC: May 3 at 1:00AM HKT

PS4 and Xbox One: May 3 at 12:00AM MSK
PC: May 3 at 1:00AM MSK

All platforms: May 3 at 12:00AM CEST

PS4 and Xbox One: May 3 at 12:00AM BST
PC: May 2 at 11:00PM BST

New York
All platforms: May 3 at 12:00AM EDT

San Francisco
PS4 and PC : May 2 at 9:00PM PDT
Xbox One: May 3 at 12:00AM PDT

PS4 and Xbox One: May 19 at 12:00AM JST
PC: May 19 at 2:00AM JST

(Bluehasia) #49

so i may be able to play possible tomorrow night in a state next to cali

(Demon Child AKA Lady La La) #50

Less than 39 hours to go for me. 'Scuse me while I hype

(Orendi <3) #51

Gonna play it tomorrow night, ahhh yuuuuussss


I foolishly didn’t book any time off work. I shall regret that.

I’m basically going to play Marquis solo until I hear him say my name.

(since CTT) #53

To which you plan to, repeatedly, reply: “Yea, who’s your daddy …” …? :dukegoof:


Pretty much that, exactly.

(YourVillain) #55

Where are your parents?


Probably proud of the fact that I’m going to be the first member of our family to actually graduate from college (even if I do skip my 4 hour math class now and then. I’m 22 btw)

(Iluspook) #57

It’s funny, when they first announced Marquis, I immediately thought of you!

It says I’m new here, but I was active in the BL forums years ago, before Kitty Jo was a moderator and you had a different pic with a top hat…I had to create my profile again, but I remember such things!

Anyway, enough of that silliness…I expect you’ll have a LONG day at work, unfortunately, but then get home to some Battleborn where you’ll promptly take pot shots at my mushroom hide. My pain is your gain, my friend! :slight_smile:

(Watcher on the wall) #58

I remember you! Nice to see you old friend.

(Iluspook) #59

Well if it isn’t my favorite bar wench herself! I just saw your name last night and wondered if a random message would seem a bit creepy, especially if you didn’t remember me! Anyway, it’s so awesome to get back to you guys here, and you’re a mod now! Scary… :smile:

Let’s see…given your love affair with Mordy and his bird, what BB char is yours? Could it be the bird himself, Benedict? Perhaps another sniper/bird combination in Marquis? I could see your attitude coming out with Shayne and Aurox…hmm. Whichever, no doubt the kitty claws will be out in Battleborn very soon!

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #60

Kitty is really into Rath if I remember correctly.